New Year, New Website

new-yearI’m a big believer in trying to better myself. I believe that if you do not try new things, you won’t be able to improve yourself, and then you’ll remain in the same place. And that’s where you get regrets.

I hate regretting anything.

To this day, I only regret one thing in my life, and that one thing has made me try very hard to not regret anything in the future.

So here I am, trying not to regret anything, and also trying very hard not to hyperventilate as I move my brainchild to another website builder.

I have long been trying to get the most simple user interface for my blog for a long time, inspired by the blogs of Chriselle Lim, Claire Marshall, Estee Lalonde, and Song of Style.

It took a visit from my boyfriend to open my world to Squarespace. And that was back in early October. So that gives you a timeline of how long I have had this in the works. For almost three months, I have kept this a secret.

I have been working on that blog bit by bit, trying to get the aesthetic just the way I like it so there has been a lot of tinkering. Which is probably also why I haven’t been doing anything for this blog.

I haven’t even been as motivated to write new posts early because I get burnt out from working on that blog to make it perfect before the New Year.

But now, it’s finally done.

It won’t change for most people, but for the people who are subscribed to me via their WordPress website, it does change some things.

I have even got a name blog name, and a new theme.

This blog will not be going anywhere though. It will forever remain here. But I will say that my blog posts on this blog is also now on that blog and it will be easier on the eye.

So anyway, I hope you have a wonderful New Year. And look out for my next post that will be of my 2017 resolutions.



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