Black Friday Haul 2016

Of course I went shopping when I spent a weekend in New York City. Plus, why wouldn’t I take advantage of the massive in-store sales? 😉

[WATCH THE VIDEO TO SEE THE ITEMS (I forgot to take pictures…xD)]



I haven’t found a pair of studs or earrings that I liked enough to wear every day. But when I was browsing through their jewelry section, I found this pair I loved. They were silver, light, and very simple but gorgeous at the same time. I couldn’t help myself!

Ring Black Faux Leather Choker 

I’ve been debating for the longest time whether or not I wanted to get into the whole choker trend. I didn’t decide until now because I hadn’t found a choker I loved enough, nor a choker I wanted to spend huge amounts of money on. So I didn’t try it.

But then I found this simple yet gorgeous one and had to buy it. I’m really excited to wear pair this with an outfit soon!


Whisper V-Neck Cotton Pocket Tee (White, Black, Chocolate Raisins)

I’ve wanted these t-shirts since early summer, and didn’t decide to get them until now, mostly because I couldn’t justify spending $25/t-shirt.

But these t-shirts are so incredibly soft and fits me really well.

Flannel Bedtime Pajama Shorts 

C’mon, these are just pretty darn cute.

Plus, I love wearing shorts to sleep nowadays. Makes me more comfortable. 🙂

The Face Shop

Bebe Lip Mask 

These have been all the trend lately, and I just wanted to try one out, to see if it lived up to the hype.

Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, so we’ll see 😉

Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Face Mask 

Review coming soon.

Jeju Volcanic Lava Nose Strips 

My pore strips are running low, so I needed to restock. And I thought trying something new is in order.

The Solution Hydrating Face Mask 

Because it’s winter? ‘Nough said.

Ume Cosme

I found this really cute beauty supply store by accident around where I was staying, and they were having such a generous sale. When I saw some of the things I’ve been dying to try on 20% off, I had to jump on it!


Hoping this can replace my Neutrogena Eye Make Up Remover. Because I go through those like no one’s business, and they can get super expensive…

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 

My Origin’s Cleansing Oil is running low, and I found a place around my college that supplied it. So I thought I could try something new because if it didn’t work out, at least I could restock easily 😉

Urban Outfitters

S’Well White Marble Water Bottle 

Review coming soon.

Modern Mesh Watch 

Review coming soon.


Women’s 6-Inch Premium D-Ring Waterproof Boots 

Been wanting to get a pair of Timberland’s for about a year, and the sale they had for the type of shoe I wanted was perfect.

Review coming soon.

What did you get for Black Friday?



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