New York City Thanksgiving 2016


Wednesday November 23 2016

Wednesday was mostly traveling to NYC and because I had a time limit, it also meant we could only travel at a certain time.

But it was good. It didn’t take us super long to get into NYC even though we got back to the place where we are staying at later than I had anticipated.

We didn’t really do anything that night except eat dinner. We didn’t even had the energy to wander around our neighborhood, although it may be because we knew we had a packed few days ahead of us.

Thursday November 24 2016


This morning we went to go see Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! I had always heard of it but never managed to be in NYC during that time, so I took advantage of it.

It was a very amazing parade, but it was cold and crowded. I only managed to see the floats by holding my phone up and tilting it at an angle πŸ˜› but then again, I’m a shortie…

We didn’t stay the entire time though just because it was getting repetitive, and we were also cold.

So we left about an hour and a half in (the parade also started late) and just wandered around Central Park, walking towards Columbia University.


It was Thanksgiving Day, so I wanted to go see my sister.

We eventually got to Columbia, and after she was ready to leave, we went out to grab Korean food/lunch. We were in Koreatown, at a restaurant/buffet called Woorijip. The food was quite decent and it was efficient, which was nice. After that, we wandered around Times Square, heading towards the nearest theater.

We had a lot of time to kill so I wanted to go see Fantastic Beasts, so I dragged my sister and bf to watch it with me. Review will be coming soon πŸ˜‰

After the movie, we headed to dinner at a place called Dim Sum Palace. The food was pretty good, but it was expensive. But maybe it’s cheap compared to other places in NYC.

After that, it was pretty late so after dropping my sister off at school, my bf and I headed back to our place and crashed.

Friday November 25 2016


BLACK FRIDAY! (Haul coming soon, because obviously I went shopping ;))

I spent a majority of the day with my sister though because we had some errands we needed to do, and I wanted to have some alone time with her.

So by the time we had lunch and did all the things we needed to do, it was 3.30pm. And I wanted to go shopping so we did a bit of shopping. But we went home at around 5.30pm because it had been a very long day…

Saturday November 26 2016

Since my BF isn’t a big fan of shopping, I went out in the morning to shop on my own. It wasn’t exactly a fruitful trip because I was being kind of picky… But still, it was fun to have some alone time πŸ™‚

Later, we headed to Grand Central Market to check out some snacks, and had my first Shake Shack burger! (Didn’t like it that much… I could see the appeal but after having had In N’ Out and Dicks, it didn’t seem worth it, or even as good for the price and wait.)

After that, we walked to a Christmas Holiday Market at Bryant Park. It was super cute with all the small boutiques and everyone being in the holiday spirit πŸ™‚


After wandering around for a bit we headed to Museum of Sex.

I highly recommend the place!

It is definitely an interesting Museum and you have to be 18+ to be allowed through, but it was very fact filled, and actually hilarious too. I recommend checking it out with your partner, or even with just friends. It’s guaranteed to be a conversation πŸ˜‰

And then that night I found an Australian restaurant!! They had the most amazing sausage rolls, meat pies, and lamingtons! Don’t hate it until you’ve tried it. I know it sounds weird but it’s actually super amazing. It’s called Tuck Shop. The people are also super nice there too.

Sunday November 27 2016

We left… 😦


But overall it was a good trip. It was nice to explore New York City a lot more and to see a lot more sites than when I went in April.

I hope I can go back again eventually!



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