Muji ‘Hard Carry Travel Suitcase 33L’ Review

I’ve been meaning to get a new carry-on suitcase for a long time and since the trend nowadays is for these hard cases, I thought I would jump onto that trend and see how it goes.

I found this Muji one by accident, and mostly because I wanted to check out the stationary at Muji. Obviously I didn’t know a lot about Muji because I was surprised when I walked in that they also sold clothes and basically anything a person would need. 

So anyways, I found their suitcases and basically instantly fell in love with this.

Let’s get into it.


Muji has a lot of colors for this product and that definitely adds to appealing everyone. Furthermore, because of its looks, it’s absolutely uni-sex.

Their zipper, whether to open the actual case or to open the sealed compartment inside, is extremely smooth (emphasis on extremely) and definitely shows that you are getting what you paid for.

The case of the actual product does have a grit to it, and it isn’t completely smooth.

The person who helped me said that the reason why the case has periodic dents in it is because if you were to buy the matching suitcase tie thingy, it would fit perfectly and wouldn’t slip off. So great design.

First Impression

The first time I used this product, it was super smooth. The wheels are absolutely a God-send. It makes navigating uneven surfaces very easy. It’s very rare that I would have to adjust it.

The handle is also very smooth and sturdy. It streamlines the product.


The suitcase also fits in a good amount of things. When I first packed it in, it fit a lot more than I had anticipated. It can also take a good weight, without even feeling like it’s super heavy. It helps that it is originally light to begin with.

Furthermore, the suitcase also takes a lot to lose it’s boxy shape.

Also, they have a lock feature that locks the wheels. Holy crap, does it actually lock the wheels. There were times when I locked it so it wouldn’t roll away, and I would forget to unlock it and it became a pain to drag before realizing it was because it was locked.


I actually think that’s the best feature of the suitcase.

The second best feature of the suitcase is the zipper lock. You can clip your zipper in place, and the reason why I saw that’s the second best feature is that you now now where your zipper is all the time.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I definitely do think this is a good suitcase. I do think the quality of the product does mean it will last you a good chunk of time (I am not sure of the typical time line of hard suitcases since this is my first one i.e. when does it get so bad you just have to throw it away etc.).

I will add though, that it does get scratched easily, but at the same time, most of the time if you rub it in, it disappears. But, I will also say that if you put a sticker on it, it will leave that sticky residue, especially if it was there for more than a few hours.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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