Smith College Mountain Day 2K16

If you are new to my blog, I am a current college student who attends Smith College, a women’s college in Massachusetts.

I am a junior so this is actually my third Mountain Day. (My previous account of Mountain Day was during my First-Year.)

And on this third Mountain Day I had the most amazing time.

Honestly, my time spent on the Mountains and where we were was very short because of my position in the house, but even then, it was an amazing experience.

The bells rung at 7am and I heard some screams in my house.

No one understands the frustration than Smithies because we had been trying to predict our President’s bell ringing for the past two weeks. And the weather has also been a little bit unpredictable so we were really paying attention to the weather.

When she rung the bell, I really sunk into my bed in content. It was going to be a great day, I could already feel it.

We didn’t leave for the orchard until 11am and even then, I didn’t get to the Orchard until 12.30pm. If I had any complaints, it would just be that Smith really needs to provide more van services during this day because if they did the math, I’m sure they would realize that if they spent the money on reimbursements in just more vans for us during this one day, it would be more practical. But that’s just me…

Still, I’m not sure what the orchard we went to was called but it was seriously beautiful. There wasn’t a lot of Smithies there, most likely because it’s farer than other orchards, but it was so beautiful because it was just our house.

After having lunch, we ventured out to pick some apples. It was so nice, and it was more fun because my friend and I made it into a photo shoot. We just went for having photos more than actual apples, but still, we did have a lot of apples.

The overall time we had was just amazing and even the we probably spent more time waiting for drivers to come back than we did doing stuff, it still felt like an amazing time because of the company.

I get really sappy online than in person so I’m going to spend this time to say how thankful I am for my house community, for their inclusion, for their constant amounts of laughter, and their general love. I had thought that moving to a new house would be like the other times I had moved where I always had a nagging feeling that I didn’t belong. But not here. It feels like I belong. And the school year has just begun.

This year is going to be amazing. I am really excited.

Before I leave you, of course I gotta share some good pictures 🙂 It’s mostly of me because I do not want to compromise my friend’s privacy without asking them first.





Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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