Muji ‘Planner’ Review

I purchased this planner when I was in Taiwan and honestly, I am in love with it.

And let me explain why.

But before I get into that, let me just say that I am a college student, and I also have a work study job that requires me to do many things that require a deadline. Plus, I have this blog. 

So I do need a planner that is effective and also efficient.


I played with this planner in the store and thought that it was only the displayed copies that got a fancy plastic cover for it, but no, every planner comes with that originally. Which it definitely a plus, because it means stains won’t stay.


It’s a very simple planner though and doesn’t have flowers, or anything on it. It’s totally inconspicuous.

It comes with a set of stickers that have holidays (based on Asia which I will not use). and action stickers. I generally do not like the look of stickers, so I will not be touching them. But it’s a nice detail to include.



When I first began using this planner, they have all the month boxes at the very front, all together, which I definitely like because it makes it easier to be able to flip through the school year to see what events will be happening etc.


And then moving onwards, they get into the weeks. The front of the planner does say it starts in September but really, it starts in August.

They have at the top a section with the general calendar that circles the week that page is on. Which I can see that being very helpful.

The quality of the paper is great. It has that really high quality and thick paper feel. My ink pen does not transfer or soak through, and it writes very smoothly.

The right side of the book is a grid form, which, I personally do not like. I wish they had different options for that page, like blank, or lined.


They also have a notes section at the very back of the planner that is full of grids.


I think the good thing about the planner is also how flexible it still is, but also how thin it is. It’s definitely got a lot of good points.

Final Thoughts

I think there is still some improvements to be made, especially adding maybe a way to bookmark the week the person is on, and definitely having different planner options of the pages to write on.

But overall, I like it.

I used to use Lily Pulitzer, and while that was also great, it was heavy, bulky, and it just made me not want to use it because it was so pretty.

So anyway, if you can find the Muji planner by you, I definitely recommend it. But if you cannot, Moleskine makes a similar type of planner, but is more hardcovered.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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