Smith College Convocation 2k16

One of the most amazing parts of Smith College is the many traditions that exist within the academic year.

No school, in my opinion, has as many cool, fun, yet interesting traditions as my school and I am very proud of that.

In the year, the most amazing of them includes Convocation. In most schools, Convocation is the opening ceremony/assembly of the academic year where students are dressed formally, and listens intently to their President as he/she gives a very important speech.

Well, if that’s what you’re looking for here, you are absolutely not going to get that. Instead, you’ll get something more. You’ll get something that gets you excited for the new school year. You’ll get something that makes you happy to be back on campus.

At Smith College, Convocation is a celebration (or you can call it a school sanctioned party if you wish — no alcohol of course!). It is a celebration of the new school year, of body positivity, of acceptance, and of all the students and faculty that make Smith College great. It’s the time of the year where house pride is shown in excess with chants and body paint. It’s the time of the year that brings everyone together.

This year, my house’s theme was LΔK aka Lamo Delta Kappa i.e. Greek Life.

In celebration of our theme, people went as a frat boy, as a sorority girl, or as whatever they wanted to be.

And that’s always the beauty of Convocation. The wondrous celebration of everyone, whoever they are.

After the ceremony, there is a carnival where free t-shirts are handed out, free ice-cream, popcorn, pizza, music, and even carnival games. This year Smith went big — they had a mini bungee game!

Smith’s Convocation is always one of the many traditions I look forward to in the new school year. It’s always a blast.

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