What I Bought: Taiwan

If I had to spend money in South Korea, obviously I got to spend money in Taiwan, since it’s cheaper.

But even though I spent money in Taiwan, I definitely did not buy as much as in Korea. Let’s get into it!



Checked Shirt 

In Taiwan, unfortunately, I didn’t see many clothes that called my name, even though they were significantly cheaper than the U.S. (although still not as cheap as SK in my opinion). But I saw this and loved it. It’s an extremely thin shirt that can be worn by itself as a shirt, or as a light layer. It’s absolutely multi purpose, and I am really into these kinds of shirts right now.


Sneaker Socks 

Okay, you can never have enough socks. They are like bobbi pins…they disappear super quickly.



Animal Aqua Relax Mask 

I saw these while I was checking out of their drug store and I thought I would like to see if these do anything other than make you look like an animal for 15 minutes. They were all the craze a few months ago, and want to see what the craze was about.


Blackhead Removal 3-Step Pack

I also saw this in the drugstore and black heads are honestly, the bane of my existence. So I wanted to see if this worked or not. If it does, well, I’m going to try damn hard to find more in the U.S! Look out for my review.


Blackhead 3-Step Kit 

At Etude house, I wasn’t super interested in their make up as much as their skincare products. I saw this and wanted to give it a go. I knew I could get Etude House in the U.S., so if it worked out, I wouldn’t be too worried about not being able to find it again. Plus, their skincare hasn’t been in the spotlight as much as their make up, so I wanted to see if their skincare was up to parr with their make up.


Blackhead Remover Dual Sheet 

Okay, you got to be able to sense a pattern here…


Biore Pore Pack 

Like I said….a pattern.

But for the Biore one, I know it works because I use it here. So I basically just wanted to stock up since it was waaaay cheaper in Taiwan than in the U.S.



Muji Planner

I knew for sure that in Taiwan, I wanted to buy a planner. And by chance I stumbled upon the Muji store so I went in.

Their planners were basically the exactly way I wanted it and they were cheap by American standards. The quality of paper is also good, since my ink pen does not go through when I write in it.


Muji Hardcase Suitcase 33ml (Carry-on ver.)

One of the big things my family wanted to buy was suitcases, especially carry-on’s. And I really had my eye on this one. I will go into a more in depth review on it in the future, after I’ve used it for awhile, but so far, I’m loving it. I’m especially loving the lock mechanism on the wheels. Definitely a seller there.



Seaweed Crackers 

I never thought I would like seaweed in another form besides in sushi and on top of rice, but these are AMAZING. They are crunchy and an amazing snack to bring to school. I want to be able to find them in the U.S….

Dried Pineapple 

Yes, you can technically buy dried pineapple anywhere, but I haven’t had it for so long that when I found these at a store we went to, I jumped at the chance. It’s sooooo good!

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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