Bag Collection

I don’t think I have ever done a bag collection on my blog before, and I thought it was high time I did one. But while I was assembling the collection, I realized that I didn’t have as much as I thought I did… which makes me think I can justify buying more in the future 😉

Anyway, let’s break it down! 

Kate Spade Saturday Large A Satchel


I love how big and spacious this bag is. It really fits a lot!

A more in depth review is here.

I haven’t used it recently because the shoulder strap is too thin so when I carry a lot of things, it makes it really laborious on my shoulders.

But it is my first “luxury” bag, so it holds a certain sentiment for me, which is why I haven’t given it away or anything.

ASOS Backpack


I don’t remember the brand but I needed a chic backpack to take on my road trip last summer.

Unfortunately, I discovered certain aspects about this backpack that I just did not like. So after my road trip, it has just be sitting in my closet, not being used. It will most likely get donated.

I just recently purchased a Herschel Little America Full backpack to use for school and travel. Hopefully that one will be more long lasting.

Country Road Carry-All


I grew up in Australia and back when I was an early teen, these bags were all the rage. We had uniforms so we would carry our own backpacks with our own personalities on them. This brand was basically everywhere. All the “cool” kids had them.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to own my own while I still lived in Australia but when I went back in 2011, I purchased my own, unsure of when I would be back. (Which I’m glad I had the foresight because I haven’t been back for 5 years…)

Anyway, I do not use this for school anymore, but it such a great bag for when I am going away for the weekend because it fits a lot of stuff! Plus, the material is super soft and light so it doesn’t add to the weight.

The strap is thick enough and long enough for you to carry it easily.

I love this bag, and will never let go of it!

Aritzia Auxiliary Tote

(Better pictures here.)


What’s not to like about a leather tote?

I love how this tote fits a good amount of things, and even has a padded middle section with a zip that can fit a 15″ laptop!

The only complaint I have about this tote is just that it loses it’s shape easily. But I just lay it down now to prevent it from sagging, so not big deal.

Still in love with this bag as much as when I bought it last year this time.

Nicaragua Bucket Bag


Back in 2011 I went to Nicaragua as part of this trip where we brought technology to high school students similar age to use.

We had a few days to look around the town and in my time there, I purchased this bag.

I haven’t used it for a good couple of years because I feel that I have grown out of it, but this bag isn’t just a bag to carry all my things, but it also holds all the memories I have of that trip. So even though it is no longer being utilized, it still holds a special place in my heart.

H&M Clutch


I think I purchased this bag for my bf’s prom, back in 2012. But other than that, I haven’t used it since.

I just never had a chance or an event big enough to warrant a clutch bag. But I still keep it because the colors are absolutely beautiful and will always be on trend.

Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Purse


I just reviewed this so, check it out here!

But I am smitten with this purse/cross body!

And why wouldn’t I be? It’s gorgeous.

This is one of those bags that no matter what I do, I will have to carry light since it doesn’t fit anything more than cards, cash, a few coins, my phone and a check book.

Rebecca Minkoff Mac


I don’t remember how long I have had this bag for, but I still love it every big as much as when I first got it.

This is my second “luxury” bag and I love it because how bright and summery this bag is.

I would never wear bright neon pink, but having this bag means I don’t ever have to haha

I love that this bag with a good chunk of things (even my Fuji Film Instax Mini 8) but the bag itself is pretty heavy to begin with because of the hardware. So that is one thing that no one tells you about.

Still, I love this bag, and love the details of this bag.

Guess Crossbody


When I need a black crossbody that needs to fit more than my wallet and phone, I will reach for this one. But one thing I love the most about this bag is that it has handles and how square it is. I love that it makes putting it on the floor easier when I’m at a restaurant, and makes picking it up just as easy. My pet peeve with all my other smaller bags is that if the chair I am sitting on doesn’t have a back, I have to put my bag lying down on the floor. And who knows if the floor was thoroughly cleaned!

So, I love this bag for that reason. Plus, this bag makes putting an umbrella super easy!

I am not big on buying bags that are all the same with all the same uses. I want to spend money on bags that I do not own which is why I do not have more than one tote, or more than one carry-all etc.

Even though I do own more than one cross-body, they are all different, and have different uses for different occasions. I can justify every bag. So that’s also why I do not own so much bags.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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