CoverGirl ‘The Super Sizer Fibers’ Review

CoverGirl mascara can literally do no wrong, so I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing a lot to purchase this mascara.

Thank goodness CoverGirl lives up to their name however, and this mascara didn’t suck.

Check out this review for my in depth thoughts!


I almost walked right by this product when I was at Target because of the basically exact same packaging it has with the original Super Sizer mascara.

But there is one main difference: the text color is a glossed purple and there is a big fat ‘FIBERS’ written on it.

In terms of the brush, it’s kind of two sided where you cannot necessarily use every single side of the brush but only two main sides. It is a little bit rectangular so it’s the shorter side of the rectangle.


Initial Application: 

Since it is a fiber mascara, I expected lengthening qualities of course, which is definitely delivers.

Upon application, it not only lengthens but it also separates your lashes very beautifully and smoothly. It takes quite a few coats to start any clumping, and even then, it’s very easy to remedy (although I do suspect that it’s easy to unclump because of how new it is right now).

This mascara offers no volume, just length.

Applied to only the left eye
Applied to both eyes

I first tried this fiber with another mascara, and it definitely held the other mascara on well.

I will say that when you apply it, it’s hard to tell a difference because of how lengthening and separating it is as a formula so you got to look very closely. And if you wear any eyeliner or eyeshadow, it’s almost invisible. However it can open your eyes a little.

I do not think this holds a curl very well. However, if you curl your lashes after it’s dried, it stays curled (the formula is fast drying, so it doesn’t tear at your eyelashes).

Lasting Power: 

What I am more impressed by this mascara is that it does not do any lower lash line smudging. I have yet to have found a mascara that does not smudge in my under eye area during the day. So I know that if I wear this alone, it will do it’s job.

However, I will say that if you wear it alone with no eyeliner or eyeshadow, it may make your eye look a little bare. So in my photos, I am just wear the fiber mascara and no eyeliner, however i had to throw in some eyeshadow.


Final Thoughts: 

Honestly, I like it. And I recommend it. However, I will say that the only problem is that it isn’t actually a mascara as much as a fiber/separating and lengthening wand with a bit of color in it. So living up to it’s name, if you want more definition and volume, definitely add an actual mascara on top of it.

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∞ sofieyah ∞

3 thoughts on “CoverGirl ‘The Super Sizer Fibers’ Review

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  2. ECfromDC

    So…I have the one before this that’s supposed to give volume too but the fibers one is in the mail (just ordered).
    I think i’ll do fibers mascara, volume mascara, fibers mascara and more volume mascara….4 coats total.
    Phew! lol

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