NARS ‘Velvet Matte Skin Tint’ Review

After having had the NARS Tinted Moisturizer for about a good year (and I still love it!), I knew it was time to try some of other NARS foundational products. And then this came out.

Now, I think NARS know they make good foundation products, because all their foundations are a obscene price. Although, so is all their other products. So I’m not going to be here, complaining about the price.

But omg, this product… so worth the money.


Honestly, I love how this bottle is long and not short and pudgy. It definitely gives it a sleeker look.

As usual, it’s a matte black packaging. What else is new?

Packaging is typical NARS.

The texture of this product is a mixture of mousse and foundation-like.


Initial Application:

Honestly, by the time I got into the Tinted Moisturizer I already knew I should be using my fingers. But this product is still relatively new so I’ve been avoiding watching any review videos of this product, because I want my opinion to be mine.

So when I first applied this product, I squeezed some onto my fingers, put some attractive dots on my face, and then used my big Tarte Foundation brush.

Applied the foundation to the left side, the right side of my face has no product

I think it took about a whole minute to complete my face.

It sunk into my skin so quickly that I was wondering how I managed to do that so quickly, when it usually takes me longer with my Marc Jacobs.

Just one layer is enough to cover my redness, dull my acne scars and dark circles. It gives a medium coverage, and it can definitely go for full if I wanted.

Because this has broad spectrum 30, it should be used for during the summer, in which case I don’t necessarily want or need full coverage.

The texture of this basically feels like a mousse. It isn’t super liquidy but also isn’t super stiff.

Lasting Powder:

Honestly, by the end of the day, I have that satisfying moment of seeing the color of my water a skin like color, so it definitely sits on the skin beautifully and well.

One thing I will say is that the biggest reason why I wanted to try this product is that matte claim. I am a big fan of matte. I don’t like using highlighter even. So I wanted matte.

Now, I was extremely suspicious of whether this could be matte, but it surprised the hell out of me.

Even on a few hot days here, it managed to stay quite matte. But I will say, not 100%. You definitely see shine after a few hours, but it still fells different. It feels different because even though you see shine, you don’t feel shiny. You actually feel normal, like you had just applied this product.


And even though you look shiny, it just makes you look dewy, definitely not oily. [UPDATE 4/24: Yes, you do look shiny after, but it definitely depends on how long your day was, how hot it was, and what you did. It can definitely get oily, however it would take a lot of work to get to the point of needing to powder.]

I no longer have to reapply powder in the afternoon if I know I have somewhere I need to be.

And did I mention how comfortable it feels on the face?

Final Thoughts:


I LOVE THIS. [UPDATE 4/24: Yes, I still love this!]

It delivers like a good NARS foundation, and it’s way less messy than the Tinted Moisturizer because you don’t have to use your fingers! Even though I love the tinted moisturizer, it’s so much extra work to use your fingers, which is why I still have a lot left. But I can see myself using this up by the end of summer.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

P.S. I pre-write my blog posts so I know I did my update before I posted this even, but just ignore that haha

2 thoughts on “NARS ‘Velvet Matte Skin Tint’ Review

  1. Hi Sofieyah,

    So glad to stumble upon your blog! I just had a tiny splurge at Sephora during their VIB sale, and I picked this up. I’ve yet to try mine (am trying to finish my current BB cream). May I know what shade did you pick this up? Am considering to get Burberry’s Face Contour Pen in Dark (that’s how I stumbled upon your blog), but after reading your review on it, am contemplating if I should get Light instead?

    xx, Faizah

    1. Hello! I got the St. Mortiz shade and somehow it was the perfect shade for me! Not too light and not too dark. I’m so glad that my blog is helping you decide whether or not you want to spend more money at Sephora xD (that’s a joke haha). It’s hard for me to say because I don’t know your skin tone and I don’t know what kind of contour your like. I got the lightest shade (Medium No. 1) because it was similar to my skintone but still dark enough for it to show up for me. But for me, I don’t like a very dark and chiseled look. I prefer something subtle but still gives that effect, which is also why I chose the lighter one (but I remember realizing after I purchased it that there was two shades haha if I had been paying more attention, I might have ended up getting the darker one, which I’m glad I didn’t!). I don’t know if that helps or anything! Please do let me know if you need any more help 🙂

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