February #ReaLife 2016: Dear Friends

If you have been following me for awhile, you may have read something similar here. But this one is different, because it is my open letter to my friends.

Dear Friend,

It’s your friend here and I feel like I have to make myself very clear about who I am, what kind of a friend I will be/am, and what kind of a friend I expect out of you. 

I am an Aries and according to my horoscope, I am this kind of a friend: extremely loyal, and someone who expects loyalty back.

And that is exactly who I am. If you want to be my friend, you should know that I am a friend who, if you call on me, I will absolutely do my best to be there for you, no matter what kind of help you need. If you need advice, I will give you my 100% honest opinion, even if it does mean hurting your feelings for those few seconds. Basically, I pride myself in being an extremely loyal friend.

But just like how I will be there for you, as my friend, I also expect you to be there for me. I expect you to extend your help to me, if you know I need help. I expect you to be there for me, just like how I would be there for you.

If you do not know the phrase, “trust is a two-way street”, then you should learn that phrase now. Because just like how trust is a two-way street, so is a friendship.

Please stop expecting me to initiate things, to help you out, and to stay loyal to you, if you will not return me the favor. If you do not intend to return the favor, then please just leave me alone. I have no energy, no time, and no emotions left to waste on you.

But you have been warned, that if you have me as a friend for the rest of your life, I will forever be your friend, forever being there for you when you need me. But honestly, it’s your loss for losing me as a friend, and you have only yourself to blame in the future. Chances are, if I have given up on you, then it means I have done my very best, if not better. I have most likely tried to reach out to you, tried to spend more time with you, and to show you more of who I really am. But I’m sorry that that isn’t enough for you. But I’m not really that sorry, because like I just said, I’m sick and tired of waiting for you.

So if you are my friend, you will be there for me as much as I will be there for you. That is the kind of friend I am, and the kind of friendship I expect in return.

Much love,


Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞


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