L’Oreal ‘True Match Lumi Cushion Buildable Luminous Foundation’ Review

As soon as I saw this at the drugstore, I needed to have it. Laniege has been making the cushion compact for so long and so many of my favourite Asian YouTubers have praised it that I have wanted to try it for a long time. But it’s mad expensive!

But don’t fret, looks like the drugstore is getting us covered!


It’s pretty much exactly the same as the cushion compacts out there. It gives you a sponge, and obviously the formula.20160103_160737-1

Something annoying about it is that since it is exposed to the air more, there is like a plastic covering that I am afraid to take completely off. I suppose it’s hard to complain about that.

Anyway, the packaging is definitely bulky, but it is for sure travelling friendly, especially through the airport!20160103_160756-1

It’s definitely hard to find a good match but the packaging outside is a pretty good indicator of the product inside.


Not going to lie, I hate the beauty blender. It’s so much extra work to press and bounce than to swirl. And I know it comes down to preference but I feel like a beauty blender takes so much more time! And it’s a sponge, so even harder to clean.

In the end, this cushion compact also has that problem where it’s better to pat than to swipe. However, I did try swiping after having put most of the product on the face, and it was fine. But I still ended up patting it in to made sure it soaks into the skin.

The formula is extremely creamy, but not too watery so it doesn’t take a super long time to cover the face and neck, but it just takes patience.

Lasting Power:

First off, I would classify this as medium to light coverage, definitely buildable to full. But if you are the kind of person that touches your face and such, it’ll just rub right off, even after applying powder!PhotoGrid_1452033408660

It has a hard time cover redness, especially with the redness of pimples. If it’s around the nose it’s easier.

I would say overall, it definitely has good lasting power. It stays on the face, and you can definitely see the majority of your scars still semi covered/smoothed over.

I would say that I am looking in the mirror as I write this, and it definitely gets oily. So I would advise bringing some sort of powder with you. For me, I don’t care as much when it’s at the end of the day.

Overall Thoughts:

Honestly, I really love this. Not going to lie, now I can stop using my full coverage expensive foundation for my every day use! This gets the job done and still makes me look presentable and decent. I would recommend giving this a try.

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∞ sofieyah ∞

9 thoughts on “L’Oreal ‘True Match Lumi Cushion Buildable Luminous Foundation’ Review

      1. As in how long?? I’m not sure exactly but it isn’t noticeable from a distance 🙂 I had it on for a good 10 hours before I sat in front of my mirror and saw the oiliness 🙂 hope that helps!!

  1. It’s interesting seeing Western brands making CC Cushions! I tried the IOPE one (Korean brand) and never again!! It makes me look so ghostly white and unnatural….maybe it’ll look better in the Winter

    1. IOPE is a Korean brand and Koreans do tend to want to look pale so maybe that’s why it didn’t work out 🙂 western brands are typically more accepting of different skin tones 🙂 although you live in Australia so this might be even more expensive than it is here xD

      1. Haha yeah. Technically it is my shade, but I think the undertone makes it look ghostly! It’s not a yellow undertone (as most Asian skintones are) but rather grey/pink? Very unflattering.

  2. I’m put off by just not knowing what shade I will be, and I haven’t seen many tester to try and match! It sound like a decent product, though! Maybe a bit pricey for drugstore but I still like the sound of it.

    1. It is definitely hard to match!! The shade I got was actually a little bit too yellow for me, but after I applied my translucent powder it dimmed it down enough for me to make it work. I’d say that the color on the outside is a pretty good match for the color on the inside. And yes… For the drugstore it is pricey… But I haven’t found a “cheap” drugstore foundation for awhile that is also new lol

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