Kevin Kwan ‘China Rich Girlfriend’ Review

Honestly, after Crazy Rich Asians, I fell in love with Kevin Kwan’s writing style and the way he seamlessly transitions from one character and one scenario to another.

So when I finally received this book, I literally devoured it! 

All the characters we loved in Crazy Rich Asians is back, but we have a few extra characters and three and more plot lines to follow with. Of course, other plot lines have been put to rest since they are done.

The new characters and the new plot lines are just as crazy and just as hilarious as the ones in the previous book.


For starters we end up digging deeper into Rachel’s birth father and the family and career he has cultivated. But while we do spend time with his father, we also get to know the story of his son, Rachel’s step-brother.

Honestly, that was such an interesting story. And just like how there was a twist in Crazy Rich Asians, there was also a twist in this book. Although definitely a different kind of twist.

Kitty Pong returns, and oh my goodness, my first reaction to her story was “Why is she still part of the story?” And it literally isn’t until the last chapter does the author reveal how she is related to the entire story.

Honestly, I don’t know how he does it!

Every character end up becoming related! It’s so fascinating guessing, but I love that about this book. You just never know what is going to happen in the next chapter, which compels you to keep reading and then out of no where, it’s the end!

Honestly, I would say that this book is almost just as good as the first book, but unfortunately it isn’t perfect. Still, it is for sure something I would recommend!

And actually, if you read the series out of order you may even be able to still understand things. In actuality at least, this book is a easier read because there are way less characters that you have to keep track of. There are just a main few, and then the supplementary characters that bring the background of the main characters to life.

I recommend the book for sure. And I am unbelievably excited for the movie of Crazy Rich Asians to begin!

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∞ sofieyah ∞

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