January #ReaLife 2016: Time Management

Every year is a busy year. But we cannot kid ourselves anymore: the older we get, the more things we need to check off our to-do list.

I’m turning 21 this year, and while that doesn’t seem super old, it seems like my to-do list never ends, and I haven’t even graduated college!

But everyone needs tips for times like those where there seems to be more work to do than time to do them. 

So let’s get into the tips for time management:

1. Planners are your best friend. 

Last year I used Lilly Pulitzer agenda’s and while they were beautiful and luscious and just oozed gorgeous-ness, it wasn’t effective for me. Some of you will roll your eyes when I say this but… It was so pretty I couldn’t bear to use it!!

So every day for the past school year it was just sitting in my backpack, collecting dust and pretty much acting as a pretty vase that never got used.

So this school year, I looked for something chic but minimalist, something I knew that I would use and that I would get my money’s worth (the LP agenda’s were so expensive that I felt like I was throwing away money when I threw it out…). And that is where I discovered Kate Spade Agenda’s. I promise I am not sponsored by them (although I wish I was!!) but as soon as I saw what it looked like inside, it was like my dream come true.

The paper is of good quality, it’s a beautiful cream color, and there is for sure enough space for you to write down everything you need to do. It’s pretty late in the year (their is a 17 month agenda so it goes until the end of 2016) and they do not have any in the site but for the next year, I recommend this planner heavily! It comes out around August, so if you are interested, for sure check it out!

The reason why my planner is my best friend when it comes to time management is I can have all the things I need to get done in one place. I don’t believe in Google Calender. I believe in writing things down. Come weekend, I typically split all the things I need to do down to two post-it notes, one for Saturday, and one for Sunday so I don’t have to stress out whether or not I got all my stuff done. (Example below)


2. Spend 15 minutes of your weekend to organize and collect your thoughts. 

At the end of every weekend, I don’t go to a party. Instead, I sit in front of my planner and figure out whether or not I got things done, and then figure out what I need to get done during the week or what to start doing for the following week.

That may sound scary, but I promise, you will feel much more relaxed when Monday comes because you know what lies ahead.

There will be no surprises. (Or at least no big surprises in terms of the things you need to get done.)

3. Learn to accept that not everything can be planned, and not everything can be within your control. 

Over the course of my life, I have realized that I can plan and plan, but nothing is ever the way I planned it. In the end, it just isn’t something I can control. But that’s why I believe in a thing called destiny.

I, however, do not believe in fate.

Some people don’t understand the difference, but for me the difference is clear: I can change fate. The decisions I make at a cross roads is my fate. But my destiny is not something I can change. My destiny, I feel, has been pre-approved by a higher being (whomever that is), and I’m okay with that. All I can do is realize that while I do make my own decisions, somewhere, out there, my life has already been decided. And I’ll deal with that.

Time management strategies vary from person to person and I don’t believe on imposing my ideals on anyone. But I do believe that you can change the way you live, one by one. In the end, it all comes down to mindset.

This year has been the most organized year of my life, and I am actually loving it. I plan on continuing this for the next few years to come.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞


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