LDRBN: Opposites

What are you and your partner’s differences and how do you balance each other out?

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Because in horoscopic terms, Aries and Cancer is the least compatible.

And unfortunately, I am an Aries, and he is a Cancer. 

So why have we been dating for almost 4 years and still together?

Those are all good questions. And my answer is… I HAVE NO FRICKIN’ CLUE.

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘opposites attract’?

That’s us. We are so opposite. Let me break it down:

He loves video games. I think they are the worst thing.

He loves to clean. If you ask me to clean, I’ll laugh and ignore you.

He’s tall. I’m short.

He’s laid back. I’m a worrier.

He’s a saver. I’m a spender.

He’s a day-to-day person. I’m a planner.

Pretty different huh?

But in our own way, we balance each other out. Because I give him time to play his games, and he gives me time to blog. I hate cleaning, but I love dishes, so he cleans the house while I do dishes. He likes being able to protect me with his height, and I love trying to reach up to kiss his nose. He tells me to stop worrying about the most menial things, and I keep him on his toes to think of all possibilities. We question each other’s purchases. I would probably have no money now if it wasn’t for him. When we go on dates, I like to know what we are doing, but he lets me feel that it’s ok if not every plan works out.

Thinking about it now, as I’m writing about this, I cannot imagine getting along with someone who is exactly like me. I mean…I can. It would probably be something like this: a dirty apartment, cabinets at the top in the kitchen will forever be empty, we would be broke and living day to day, and yet we would have every second planned to a T. I cannot imagine ever living like that.

So thank goodness for the phrase ‘opposites attract’.

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∞ sofieyah ∞

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