‘Sisters’ Review

When I first watched the trailer, I knew I had to watch it, and I had to watch it with my sister.

Plus, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey is so hilarious together.

When my sister and I went ahead to watch it, we kept laughing.

This movie is hilarious, as it should be, but also because for a movie that takes place mostly in a majority of like two days, it isn’t too fast paced, but it also is never a drag and isn’t slow.

BTW, this review is obviously going to have spoilers, but I will try to limit it!

One of my favourite scenes is towards the end, when Tina’s character, Kate, realizes that it’s time to grow up and be responsible. Even though she still had her fun moments, it was nice to see both the sisters grow up emotionally and mentally on screen.

Even though the sisters were in their 30’s, and had their own lives, they still seemed like children throughout the movie, as if they had aged but their mind hadn’t. Which, I guess is the magic in life: you can stay young if you keep a young heart.

But in their case, it felt more like immaturity more than anything. But like I said, they grew up on screen.

While their party was rowdy and not something that tended to interest me, it was fun to watch because it was a party of 30 year olds, where adults acted like children, which is always rare to see.

In the end, this movie is about family. It’s about sisters having each others back, complementing each other despite the others different personality. And there is also a lot of swearing and obscene scenes.

Something else I truly appreciated in this movie is the fact that the man in this movie wasn’t super good looking and wasn’t super ripped. Not saying he was ugly or fat, but just compared to most Hollywood movies, a little bit of a lesser. But I actually enjoyed it because it was so refreshing. Life isn’t just full of hot guys wandering around and happening to be gardening their front garden who is also good at flirting. Life just has those average looking guys that you can be yourself around and have fun with. It’s all about that.

This movie is great but for sure nothing serious. It’s something to watch with your friends and have a good laugh. It makes you really thankful for your siblings, that they will always have your back.

Go watch it with your sister if you have one. Or not. Just go watch it.


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∞ sofieyah ∞

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