CHRISTMAS 2015: For Him

Christmas gift guides are everywhere right now, and I guess I am just like the rest to make one of these. But, why not?

Also because I was also having a hard time choosing what to buy my man… 

So below I came up with a few options for the different kind of man I know of, and then just go from there. Of course, this list is NOT exhaustive, and you can 100% mix and match if you wish, but these are just what I have found.

The Gamer 

We all know one of those people who loves gaming a little bit too much, and for those guys, here are my recommendations.

First, know what games he likes. Second, know what his favourite game purchasing website is.

Amazon is your best friend.

For example, my boyfriend loves Witcher, and loves those city building games. He already is up to date to the games, so I would be looking into collectibles like:

Witcher Map

Witcher Beanie

Witcher Board Game

The Fashion Police 

Clothes are always the hardest things to buy people, especially the guys who are already pretty fashionable.

So, my opinion is to get accessories.

Scarves like this and this.

Shoes like this and this.

Or even jackets like this and this.

Or this tie!

Whenever I buy clothes, I stick to the classic silhouettes, because it is way harder for them to go wrong.

The One that Has it All 

Sometimes it’s the experience that is invaluable.

Maybe the one that has it all is time to be taken on a trip, or you can head to a concert, a special restaurant he has wanted to go to all along.

And in this case, Etsy, is your best friend.

How about theses cufflinks?

Or, a really nice tolietry bag with their initials?

The New (Boy)Friend 

If you just started dating someone, or just met someone you already find yourself being close to, it’s hard to know what to get them. Because how do you know your relationship will last through it all? That is always my dilemma when I buy gifts for new guys in my life.

And one thing I have learned, is to buy risk free gifts that are neutral, and has very little personalization. Of course, you can absolutely personalize the gift if necessary, but if the worst happens, then it’s easier for the man to use the gift without bringing up painful memories as much.

In my opinion, a book is always great. If you new friend is a reader, that is also caring and shows you listen without adding too much memory of you on it. (If he is a Kindle user, maybe a gift care to Kindle.)

Gift cards, quick and easy, and still shows you care about the person to give a gift.

If he is a lover, I also recommend those make your own vouchers. Give him some time, show him some love with a free massage, or a free dinner etc.

Men often complain that women are hard to shop for. Well, I beg to differ. I think men are lot harder to shop for, one reason being they are a lot less upfront about the things they want.

But also because men, most of the time, are content with what they have, and do not really need/want anything. Which is great, but it makes for a painful Christmas shopping experience.

Either way, I hope that this list has helped some of you out! It isn’t meant to be the be all, end all kind of list, but just something to help creative juices flowing~

Good luck and…

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞



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