‘Wet Brush’ Review

I love being a girl.

I love the part of being able to look gorgeous with so many different kinds of clothes at my disposal that I can rock. I love being able to wear as much or as little make up as I can without stigmatization. But, as much as I love those parts, I also hate some parts. I hate that time of the month (with a passion, I might add). And I hate the amount of hair I shed with every shower.

So, when I saw something like this being marketed, I was crazy excited. Because could they really invent a hair brush that detangles your hair without pulling as much hair as a regular hair brush/detangler?

Well, I bought my brush from Amazon (here) and the real question is, does it really work?


Now, after using this, I have given up hope of ever finding a hair brush that doesn’t pull my hair out when I brush it, especially after a shower. However, in my own way I think this actually does work.

BUT, you do NOT need to buy this specific hair brush to get the same effects. This is all you need to really look for in a hair brush is that same kind of bristle. That hair bristle is gentler on the scalp, but all the bristles are spaced apart enough to not tug your hair too much if there are knots.

Now, I’m going to continue using this hair brush because I generally love this kind of hair brush to begin with. But please, do not fall for the marketing plot of this hair brush.

It isn’t worth it.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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