Maybelline ‘Superstay Camouflant + Corrector’ VS. ‘Instant Age Rewind’ Battle/Review

A new concealer from Maybelline? Yes please!

Maybelline is perhaps most noted for its foundation, concealer, and their mascaras.

This new concealer is part of their Better Skin line and I actually enjoy it.

Let’s get into the comparison!


Left: Instant Age Rewind Right: Super Stay It’s quite obvious in my opinion haha

Coverage: If you want a more full coverage look, the Instant Age Rewind is your girl. The Better Skin concealer is a lot lighter in coverage however, that means that for either every day make up, the Better Skin concealer is the way to go. (I decided this by how well it managed to hide the blue of my eyelid veins. The Instant Age Rewind cancelled out the blue more than the Better Skin.)

Blendability: I think it’s because of it’s sponge tip, but I have always found the Instant Age Rewind slightly harder to blend while it is still very creamy. When you compare it to the Better Skin concealer, the Better Skin is a lot easier and quicker to blend. This goes back to the whole everyday make up concept where if you want something quick, this is it.

Wearability: Both wear extremely well. It’s very hard to even tell the difference between both sides of my under eyes at the end of the night. 20150705_093733_HDR-1

Final Thoughts: I think in the end, this comes down to preference. If you want something light and quick, then go with the new Maybelline concealer but if you want something with higher coverage, go with the most famous of all drugstore concealers.

As for me, I love them both equally but I am waiting to finish my Instant Age Rewind, so I might just wait until I finish that!

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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