LOVE LIST: September 2015

What I Watched: Lie to Me

I don’t know why, but I’ve been in love with this show.

It’s just so fascinating how he can tell if someone is lying by a small shrug of a shoulder that is pretty much invisible to the naked eye. It makes me want to really learn that science.

What I Snapped:

Who I Loved: My boyfriend

Obviously I love my boyfriend, but I have had a renewed appreciation for him since early this month aka. since I moved back to school. He has been keeping me sane, letting me rant, and be very rude. His patience with me never fails to surprise me. I love him very much.

What I Wore:

What I Did: Hiking Mount Holyoke

What I Ate: Boom Chick-A Pop

Literally in love with these popcorn. I especially love the blue one because it’s lightly sweet so it satisfies your sweet craving while being healthy.

What I Drank: Water

I haven’t really had much time to go out so I’ve been drinking water. Plus, it was really hot so water was the best way to quench my thirst. Love water!

Where I Went: Mount Holyoke

It was so beautiful to see Pioneer Valley spread out below me and being able to see most of the colleges in front of me. Plus, the trip was so hard that it was extremely rewarding to get to the top.

What I Heard:  Demi Lovato ‘Confident’

It’s a strong song, and the title says it all!

What I Used: Post-It Notes

For something so simple, it has pretty much saved me from a lot of stress in the past two weeks. I officially cannot live without it!

September sure flew by. I know what I did for most of September: study my ass off. But I am ready for the month to end for sure.

As always, don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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