LOVE LIST: August 2015

What I Watched: Young & Hungry

What I Snapped

Who I Loved: Taylor Swift

l was so inspired by how Saylor Swift managed to resolve the differences that happened this month like  the VMA nominations and other problems. The is such an inspirational person who is so thoughtful.  As cliche as that is to be inspired by a celebrity…

What I Wore

What I Did: doing puzzles with my boyfriend

I love puzzles. It’s such a great way to past time with someone you love and this month, I did two! I am on my way to finishing the second one. Wish I had more time to do puzzles for sure!

What I Ate: Panera Bread Chicken Ceasar Salad with kale

As pictured above in my IG. It was absolutely delicious! I’m picky with my salads because if there is too much dressing it makes me gag, but if there is too little there is not enough flavor. This salad is just the perfect ratio. I just wish there was more kale in the bowl though.

What I Drank: Jewel Box cafe Vampire Ice tea

As scary as that sounds, it actually tastes amazing. It has peach infused tastes in there so it was the perfect ratio of sweetness and bitterness.

Where I Went: Bellingham, WA

It’s such a small quaint town that it makes you feel very cozy.

What I Heard:  Demi Lovato ‘Cool for The Summer’

Love Demi’s voice, and love her new single. I can’t wait for her new album!

What I Used: Kate Spade 2016 Planner

First year of college I didn’t make use of my fancy planner enough but this year, I am trying to get back on track with planning my life. I need to write things down to get them done better and I am excited to write in my first homework assignment. Even though the planner wasn’t cheap, I’m going to use it’s life out of it!

Additional Favourites

The Book Patch — an online website where you can create your own book. I wrote a novel of my relationship for my boyfriend, and they printed the book out in spectacular fashion and in very good quality. It’s worth it.

Cover Girl ‘the Super Sizer’ — an amazing mascara. I just wish they made it in a waterproof formula…

Coach Card Holder — the best wallet for when you don’t want to carry a wallet.

August is the month of saying good bye and starting anew. Goodbye’s have never been easy for me, but I’m learning. Preparing myself to say goodbye to the people I love this week…

But as for starting anew.. not only am I beginning Love List’s on my blog, I am also going to start a new Fashion section. Can’t wait!

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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