Sephora Haul + Misc.

Sephora had a VIB Rouge ‘Beauty before Brunch’ and I took this opportunity to not only get 4x the points, their sweet sampling bag, but also a lot of the things I have been wanting. Especially the new products.

Let’s start with the old– but I actually only have two old products.20150803_090412_HDR

Tarteist Clay Paint Liner — Ever since I have started using liquid eyeliners, I have been kind of disappointed from the quality of drugstore liners. They were either not opaque enough or did too much transfer on my oily lid.

This is one of the few eyeliners I have high hopes on. And I hope I will not be disappointed!

Root Concealer for Gray Coverage — Yes, unfortunately I do have quite a bit of gray hairs. And I never knew a product like this existed until recently. I will be very interested to know if it works out…however, I hear that it only works for obvious coverage like along your part of hair line. We shall see… I have already pulled out all my white hairs that are visible… maybe I should wait for them to grow back out…


My Philosophy: Grateful — I always spray a parfum after I have taken a shower. I feel that it keeps the scent on me for longer and it makes it easier to layer the next day.

I recently ran out of mine and when I saw these, I have wanted them.

I hear that they are layering perfumes but, I didn’t want to over confuse my senses so I just bought home one. It’ll be hard to review this perfume, but I will let you know!

Smashbox Brow Tech Matte Pencil — I haven’t really heard much of this so I would love to review it before it blows up. I kind of want to do a battle on it with the Anastasia… since they are the same price.

A first impression of this is that once you twist it up, you cannot go back down. Which is most likely a con…

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate — let’s be real, ever since Cover fx came out with their custom drops, the beauty world has been waiting for this to come out everywhere. And it has. This is pretty much the same replica but slightly different…stay tuned for the review 😉20150803_090652_HDR

[This is actually the one product I did NOT anticipate purchasing… but I just couldn’t give up the great opportunity!]

+ Bonus Sephora VIB Rouge Sample Bag and there are some amazing samples in here!

I cannot lie, as much as I love make up, I also love me some fashion. So here are some fashion tid bits I have acquired…

Saressa Designs Open Geo Ring — I got it in a blue stone but it looks like they sold out..

Aritzia Talula Kent Blazer in Shirting Blue — I’ve acquired my third blazer in the past two months alone and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon…20150803_085607_HDR

I am thinking of doing a look book showing how to wear my blazers casual and then relaxed… I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to keep things relaxed and classy. And this blazer does both. In love. Plus, the pockets are actually pockets. I wouldn’t wear this during the winter because it’s quite thin and airy, but for the fall and spring? Absolute perfection!

Arizia Auxiliary Vemeer Tote — Now, THIS, is my pride and joy.

20150803_085842_HDRI was heavily thinking of getting the Cuyana tote but I was hesitating because it has no structured bottom. So if I piled things on inside, eventually it would break the lovely leather and the form of the bag. So I was hesitate to drop the $150 hefty price. However, as soon as I touched this, looked inside, and wore it in front of the mirror, I was hooked.

I’m going to be using this bag in a blog post very soon. Too in love with this bag to not do an in depth review.

Unfortunately, at my salary, I only can afford this in its sale price. And the black is sold out online. However, if you are interested, the silver is still available.20150803_085732_HDR

Round Sunglasses — I’m going through a sunglasses phase… don’t judge me! (Bought these at a Sunday Market)

Oribe Detangling Primer — I recently did my hair (well, more like almost a month ago) and when I got my hair done my hair stylist used this on me and I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since. I had half a mind to go back to It’s A 10 Leave In but I wanted to try something new. Most people say that it’s okay to spend a lot of money on skincare because it’s your skin, but I have the same philosophy when it comes to hair.

Since I don’t like cutting it, I don’t want it to become a dead bush. So I take care of it.

The packaging is so gorgeous. Can’t wait to get into this!

Gorjana ‘Chloe’ Studds — I bought these during Nordstroms Annual Sale because it was much cheaper. They are kind of big for my earlobes, but not huge. I got them in silver because silver looks better on my skin tone. They are gorgeous. And the metal is super soft.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Lip Cheat’ in Iconic Nude — I’m literally in love with this. I have half a mind to get a rose colored one, as well as a berry colored one (because I literally only wear berry colored lips in the winter). I’m going to be purchasing more Charlotte Tilbury products in the future because I want to do a brand review.

Garnier Clean + Invigorating Daily Scrub — I have officially finished my exfoliator and I needed a new one. So I picked this up. If this works out then great, but if not, I’m waiting for November before I buy the full size Kate Somerville ExfoliKate!

QuayxShay ‘Vida’ — yes, another pair of sunglasses. And I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. P.S. The nose pieces for these are actually screwed on! I think I’m going to get another pair of aviators, praying that the nose pieces on those are screwed on as well!

Kate Spade 2016 Planner — now, I don’t have this in my posession just yet, but the day I post this is going to be the day I buy it, so I thought why not just include it. I’m actually so excited for this. It’s weird…

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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