Maybelline ‘Color Blur’ Review

Maybelline has really been stepping up their make up game lately and this lipstick/crayon is no exception.

When I saw this at Ulta my first response was ‘what?’. I honestly thought the applicator was a little gimmicky. Would it actually work?

But I wanted to try it anyway so I chose a very neutral color.

First Application 

It is definitely very creamy of a product. When you apply it onto your lips you definitely feel it drying. Unfortunately, it also settles into lines and doesn’t really smooth out your lips.20150706_112958_HDR

However, from AFAR, it looks very natural. Since I chose the most neutral color (I like to Mauve it), it looks like my lips but better. My lips look like there was a wash of color but nothing in your face.

While it says it’s matte, there is still a very subtle sheen.


I don’t really know what to feel about this…

I expected it to be kind of spongey, but instead it is a very hard plastic with two slants on each side to help smudge. It is useful to smudge, but I question why we cannot choose to do it ourselves?20150706_113027_HDR

This entire concept is very interesting, because I could probably do this kind of a lip with all my lipsticks without having to buy a lip product ESPECIALLY for this purpose.

Aside from this smudger however, I don’t know how else they could market this.

Also the smudged look is if you do not kiss your lips together.

If you, like me, always unconsciously kiss your lips together, the smudged look will probably be gone by the hour.

Lasting Power

Now, as stated above, it is very easy to lose that smudged look.

Initial application

I didn’t even wear it for an hour and already it was like I was wearing regular lipstick. The entire lip color had goes to around my lips except the very edge.

I understand the concept, but when the concept doesn’t even last longer than an hour, it’s a bit useless in my opinion. For this to work, ideally, the lipstick/crayon should be a lot more stubborn on the lips that shouldn’t be moved easily.

Now, if you eat during the day, you’ll probably have to reapply. Because it all vanishes. What you have left may be a little stain, depending on what you are eating and how hard you wipe your mouth afterwards.



As smooth as initial application. No problems there.

Final Thoughts

Not worth the money. You are pretty much paying for the lip crayon which you could find a cheaper version. This concept is cool, but useless because the lip color isn’t long lasting/budge proof enough on the lips.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

2 thoughts on “Maybelline ‘Color Blur’ Review

    1. Glad you find it helpful! I never know if it’s worth it to write such a negative review but I think it’s better to be honest and helpful than not writing it…I lost my receipt so I can’t even return it haha

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