Road Trip 2K15 Haul



Matching T-Shirts with my bofriend: “I’m in love with that thing!”

Minions Tic Tac– been looking for these everywhere! I’m actually tempted to not even eat them because they are limited edition 😦

Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

Two Posters: FRIENDS & Albert Einstein Quotes on Life — not opening these until I take them back to my college dorm room.

LA/San Francisco Shopping 

20150627_151717_HDRUni Qlo Blazer

Aritiza had a blazer similar but it was $70 (and on sale) so when I saw this on sale as well, I jumped at it. Plus, it is a very fun yet formal print, depending on what I pair it with. I couldn’t have found a better bargain. Plus, the pockets are legit pockets.


20150627_151816_HDR 20150627_151939_HDR-1 20150627_151957_HDR-1

Admittedly, I did got a little crazy at H&M. If you read my previous haul, you would know that I am slowly transitioning out of Forever 21 and into H&M. And this is the beginning of that transition.

My first H&M purchase was actually the blue printed shorts and the purple skirt. I loved the print on the shorts. It was so intricate and detailed that you might not even notice from a distance. That lead to me buying the matching top as well as the stripped pair of shorts that is similar but just a different print (H&M actually have a whole color with the blue print including rompers, dresses, skirts, pants, as well another top). The skirt was just…calling out to me. I pretty much bought that on a whim.

In regard to those shorts, they are just simple, easy, and extremely comfortable. If you wear them tucked into a simple t-shirt, it’s pretty much a throw on outfit. I’m actually bummed that I photographed my five summer outfits before I bought these!

These denim shorts is actually a grey wash, so I don’t know why they look blue here…

I am on the fence about these shorts because they don’t really fit around the pant opening and flare out a little bit, but they are still pretty form fitting and quite high wasted. They are named the mum denim…don’t ask me why. (I cannot find these on the site!)


20150627_152134_HDR-1 I didn’t expect to like these shoes as much as I do because I hate those kind of shoes that have a weird ankle strap. Since they usually cut off my legs and make me look extremely short. Plus, they are a pain in the butt to put on and take off.

However when I tried these on, they were absolutely beautiful and comfortable. I could see myself wearing this a lot when I don’t want to wear high heels but also want a heel. Plus, for $20, they are so worth it (original was like $80).

Who can complain right?

I have been looking for a card holder for some time and I wanted something sturdy but wasn’t obvious.20150627_153834_HDR-1

I wanted to purchase a MK card holder but their stores never seemed to carry them (don’t know why) and the Nordstrom stores never had them in stock so I couldn’t find one I really liked until I dropped by Coach. Their card holders were on sale and I love how they have a logo but it isn’t everywhere and it doesn’t stand out unless you look for it. Plus, it is very elegant and simple. Perfect for on the go.

The piece of paper is the proof of purchase of a new hand bag! It’s called the Daisy Cross Body.

I actually had my eye on a Guess tote for college, but when I saw this I wanted it instead. It is pretty much the famous Prada Double Zipped tote but smaller.

I can see a lot of use in it. It’s also very roomy which is perfect for my big MK wallet.

Shopping is my addiction and I know I gotta stop (says my bank statement) but somehow I always find things I want.

I’m putting myself on a spending ban. It’s necessary.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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