Exploring: GAPxBirchbox + GlamLifeGuru Meetup

It’s not true, but sometimes I feel like I discovered Tati first.

That sounds bad to a lot of the people who found her before I did, but I swear when I found her, my initial reaction was “JACKPOT!”

I could see her becoming the Beauty World Queen. In my head anyway, she has already been crowned.

And many people will see this as far fetched because YouTube Beauty Gurus are everywhere nowadays. There are tons and there are tons more that are waiting to be discovered for their rise to fame. But let me just let you know why I love Tati so much.

Aside from her radiating beauty and elegance, she is realistic and truthful in all her reviews. Plus, she is actually so funny, and I feel funny all over when I don’t watch her videos (she posts daily during the weekdays). Plus, her voice is so soothing that I feel like everything she says could be made from marshmallows.

20150627_152220_HDRAnyway, I love her. And I love her beauty channel.

So when she was hosting a meetup on the only full day I was going to be in San Francisco, obviously I had to go.

What choice did I have?

Plus, I was in the general area so I wasn’t really going out of my way.

It was hosted at the Gap that is right in front of the cable car terminal so it is very easy to find.

The meet up started at 5 but I got there at around 4.20 and there was already a mini line. I was happy that I didn’t get there any later. Mostly because I was pressed for time by then.

At around 4.50, champagne got handed out to those over 21. Very nice touch, I must add.

Tati and James were both a little late, but it was totally fine by me. City traffic, it was to be expected really.

When the meet up started, I was actually so nervous. I feel like I know Tati, because she’s really a public figure and she tells her subscribers many things, even if it was an accidental slip of the mouth. But I feel like I know her. But she didn’t really know us. She only communicated through a computer screen on the other side so I was very scared and nervous that maybe she wouldn’t like me. But then again, she only talked to me for like a couple of minutes and I know that she wouldn’t have passed a judgement other than “wow, she’s short” (which I am 😦 ).

But she is really sweet and extremely elegant. She literally radiates elegance. I didn’t even know that was possible…

And honestly, when I saw she and James, in my mind I said “#relationshipgoals”. Legit. They are the cutest couple on YouTube (yes, more than Zoella and Alfie… although their cute is less obvious coz they don’t really vlog as much as other YouTube couples).

Now, I’m not really just saying she is nice with no reason other than the fact that I admire her. But it’s also because something super embarrassing happened that if she wasn’t nice enough, she wouldn’t have said yes to.

I took a selfie with her.

But my stupid phone lost it.

And as soon as I found out, I pretty much almost cried. Because I wanted to post the selfie but I had lost it! And I was so bummed and angry at myself. My younger sister was there and she kept convincing me to go back to take another selfie with her. But I just couldn’t bring myself over that embarrassment. But then when I was approaching the GAP again (not intentionally, my sister wanted to go back to the H&M down the street) I thought to myself, when would be the next time I see her? She hardly comes to Seattle and she lives in LA. This is my only chance.

So I pretty much went back in to take another photo with her. And she was super nice about it. Really. Seriously nice.

And I even got a photo with James! In my nervousness earlier, I totally forgot about getting a picture with the couple. And I did. And I’m so glad that I ignored the embarrassed side of myself to get the photo.

Otherwise I knew I would regret it, and I hate regretting things.

Hey Tati,

I know the chances of you reading this is low but I just want to say thank you for making the end of my road trip so perfect. I didn’t even expect it to happen, but then you posted the video and I was so excited.

You probably don’t even remember me coz you had 3 meet ups in like 3 days so it might’ve been a blur, but I am seriously so glad I met you. You are real. You are human. And you are just so damn glamorous.

I probably made a fool of myself in those 5 minutes but still, I regret none of it. Because I got to see you in person.

I never thought I could get starstruck, but apparently I did so I’m sorry for it >_<

Truly do wish for you and James to lead happy lives.


Oh, and before I forget, Birchbox gave out free Birchboxes! They were from the last couple of months but that was still 20150627_152217_HDR-1awesome.

They were extremely cool and I cannot wait to start using my products! Will be subscribing to Birchbox 🙂

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

P.S. James and Tati are giants. Seriously.

3 thoughts on “Exploring: GAPxBirchbox + GlamLifeGuru Meetup

  1. Sofieyah – I absolutely remember you and I love the way you write. This was such a beautiful post, thank you so much for stopping by to say hello … and coming back again ;-), it was a pleasure to meet you in person.

    You have an enormous talent for storytelling, I’m already loving your blog!

    xo’s ~ Tati

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