Quay Australia Review

I’m not going to lie, I wanted Ray-bans.

Everyone seems to own a pair, and the YouTubers endorse Ray-bans like crazy.

So I looked into them, and I just couldn’t pull myself together to purchase a pair. Plus, the styles they have are so limited and are also very small for my head. I’m the type of girl who prefers larger sunglasses to make my head look smaller.

Anyway, once I realized that it wasn’t for me, I decided to continue to browse around until I found a pair that I felt I could not live without.

And that is when I stumbled upon Quay Australia.20150518_182701-1

If you watch Fashion YouTubers then you should know clothesencounters. She is an American Korean fashion blogger/vlogger who wears the most daring pieces that still manages to look put together (I sometimes wonder how she manages to go through the entire day with those killer heels she wears…).

I keep seeing her wear different Quay Australia sunglasses so I decided to check them out.

That is when I discovered them and found that they did a collaboration with Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars.

As soon as I saw her one pair of aviators, I fell in love.

They say you should not buy fashion unless you really love it. Well, I typically go a step further when it is investment pieces: do I dream about it?

I know that sounds absurd but for me, if I dream about it, that means in my subconscious I really want it and love it. Which means that’s my green light to purchase.20150518_182753

The good thing is that these sunglasses are not that expensive to begin with, so I felt less terrible.

Now, I want to talk more specifically about these sunglasses but I won’t because they are no longer available on the website (but you could probably find it on a third party shopping website. I just don’t know how much I would trust them).

I bought the Vivienne Aviators in Black.

They are just the most drop dead gorgeous Aviators I have ever set my eyes upon.

They have a good weight to them on the hand, and the handles do not feel cheaply made whatsoever.

Now, warning- if you have a relatively flat nose bridge, and you buy these sunglasses, you may have a hard time not letting them touch your face. I have yet to have worn make up with these sunglasses yet so I don’t know how bad they may become once I do, but still, I love them so much! (You can adjust the nose pieces easily.)

The next pair I want are their My Girl sunglasses. They seem to be the most popular, so I want to give them a try. They are a cat eye frame, but it isn’t a very sharp cat eye and I know it will look flattering on almost every face shape. I cannot wait!

Snapchat--3285450191709904602The service of this brand was quick for me because their office is in LA and I live in Washington so it arrived a lot quicker than I thought. I wish they were sold in stores like Nordstrom, but I am also kind of excited that not so much people know about it because then they won’t jack up the prices. Is that selfish of me?

But their glasses are just so incredibly unique! They are also so well made and for the price, it is extremely worth it.

I highly recommend you all to check up the website. The glasses are truly amazing and I promise you have never seen something in the market like them!

I also personally see certain things as good investment pieces. Sunglasses is slowly topping that list, especially after purchasing these. Now, I would never go crazy and own over 3-4 pairs of sunglasses at one time, but I think if you buy good quality ones, then it will last a lot longer than the 15$ Target sunglasses.

Anyway, I feel like this review might seem a little fake to some of you who know of me as one who is honest in all she reviews since there is nothing negative about this brand I have thus stated.

I am about to rectify that!

Now, each pair of sunglasses come with a pouch to store them in when you are not using them, which is extremely nice and great of them. When you order from the Quay x Shay line, the pouch has a quote on them that is extremely relatable. I believe that depending on the sunglasses you order, it’s a different quote.

The pouch is definitely not the problem. But it is the way they are made.

When I opened my pouch (it is one of those metal snap closure pouches…if that’s helpful), I feel like it was extremely hastily made. The material isn’t even cut properly!

But, that is such a minor thing since what you really paid for are the sunglasses, and not the pouch.

I love these sunglasses to death, and like I said, I want more.

Check them out!

Quay Australia: http://www.quayaustralia.com/us/

Quay x Shay line: http://www.quayaustralia.com/us/14-quayxshay (Half of her line is gone because they have already sold out. But I believe they are in the midst of developing new ones! And yes, her line is a lot more expensive than the other sunglasses. Most likely because they use better material.)

UPDATE (6/29/2015): I recently went on a Roadtrip and of course, brought along my favourite pair of sunglasses. Now, before I went on the road trip I knew I would be spending some time in California shopping, and I knew that Quay was based in Australia so I wanted to know their stockists. However, aside from the original automated reply, I never even got an acknowledgement. When I posted on their IG they contacted me once and that was just to ask me where I was based, not even following through with their list after the comment. It makes sense that IG does comments in a somewhat uncivilized way so it might’ve been hard to find my reply, however I did.

And what I really expected them to do was to reply to my original email. They didn’t. So now I am slightly appalled by their customer service. I know they are busy, which is why, if you work at Quay Australia and is reading this, please, please, PLEASE put your stockists on your website. It would save quite a bit of hassle.

Second thing that happened that left me even more disappointed is that for the $60 + $10 shipping I paid, my nose piece on the glasses still fell off. They were not screwed on my screws, and they were lose before but I thought I could trust the company to make a good pair of sunglasses that wouldn’t fall apart. I just ordered a new pair of nose pieces from Amazon. I really love these sunglasses, and I refuse to let them have such a short shelf life.

Now I am just weary of purchasing anymore sunglasses (I really want the My Girls and About Last Night, not going to lie) because what if they break? These are expensive sunglasses, but it isn’t exactly cheap either. And they don’t even have a return policy, hence the weariness.

Now, I wrote a very positive review at the beginning and now I am coming with the negatives. I pride myself in being honest, because what’s the point of reviewing anything without complete honesty? I am not writing these things to get anything in return, these are just my thoughts and my thoughts alone. Perhaps they are harsh, but when I wrote this post originally I was reviewing the entire company, not just the sunglasses I had purchased so I thought I should include in the minor customer service problem I had with them. Either way, there will most likely be updates, but, if not, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase their sunglasses! They do have a good eye for style, not going to lie 😉

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

20 thoughts on “Quay Australia Review

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      1. Melissa

        they never email me back either I received a bent pair and i am trying to get a replacement but no answer

  2. Fleur Maurice

    I have the “My Girl” blue lens sunglasses and the screws fell out straight away which was an easy fix. Then the silver nose bit tarnished and yesterday the arm clean snapped off. I LOVE them … the shape, the look BUT the quality is so bad and the company doesn’t care.

    1. I’m so sorry… That’s why I am iffy to purchase other products because it seems like no one really talks about the bad. And also because they are not collaborating on another celebrities name, the quality can be iffy. To this day, they have still not replied to my email.

    2. j9

      UGH, it’s so true! They really don’t care. I had a back and forth with one of their customer service reps because of the way I was treated after I left a negative review on their IG page. They basically blocked me and told me off for leaving a negative review. They got super sassy with me for “telling their followers not to buy from them” (their exact words). I mean, is that even allowed?
      And the reason I left the negative review is because the black Vivienne I bought was asymmetrical but they refused me the 3 month manufacturer’s warranty, which they stated on their website.
      So, I emailed them to at least get an apology for being told off for what I thought was my right as a customer to leave a review, but NOTHING. SMH

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  4. Kat

    The quality for these glasses is t e r r i b l e. For $60 you can get much nicer things on the market. No wonder they have a no return policy. This is an example of companies that make revenue from instagram and social media marketing. They create a hype over an extremely cheaply made item and price it accordingly to the demand. Once you receive it and realize it is utter c r a p you cannot return it. Do not buy Quay –

  5. Elly

    I bought a pair of shay x quay and the frame around the lens SNAPPED after a month or so of wear. Didn’t even drop them harshly, maybe from 10cm off the ground weeks before hand. Because they were a week or so past the three month warranty they wouldn’t do anything!

  6. Laura

    I asked my bf for a pair for my birthday, tortoise shell frames with coloured mirrored lenses (can’t remember the style name). After a couple of wears all the black plastic coating on the arms started coming off and the lens on one side was completely scratched, like the mirror finish wasn’t applied properly. They are so bad that I can’t see clearly out of them. I was going to try and email Quay to get a replacement but after reading these comments i won’t bother. Such a shame cos they do have some nice styles in their collection….. 😦

  7. sam

    Sofieyah, You really need to remove the positive review at the top of your page. Lots of people read/see that, and are continuing to buy Quay- merely based on the ‘seemingly’ all positive endorsements like yours- without reading the after comments. Please do all readers and Quay researchers a favour, and adjust your review!

    1. Hi Sam, I appreciate the feedback but I really doubt I have any sway in people’s purchasing decisions xD I’ll update it accordingly but I do not want it to seem like I had only negative things to say about it because there were some positive moments too. Thanks so much!

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