Wish List: Lyla Loves

Have you ever stumbled across a brand and just waned almost everything they offer?

Well, I just went through a moment like that. And as a blogger, I am having a hard time restraining myself and my wallet but I thought it would be super cool to show you what kind of things this new brand, Lyla Loves, offers!

Check it out!


Gold and Blue Feather Statement Necklace 

Okay, I have never wanted a statement necklace as much as this one!

It is drop dead gorgeous and I have never seen anyone make such a beautiful statement necklace out of the idea of a dream catcher before…or maybe I have just been ignoring them.

And to be honest, the price of this necklace is completely affordable.

Blue Semi Circle Earrings

If you are looking for a good pair of earrings to go with that necklace, than this is it!

I am also extremely tempted to buy this…it is so beautiful!

And blue is such a classic color. It can go with any outfit.

Silver Ethnic Feather Earrings 

So if you don’t know already, I love me some dream catcher earrings. In terms of earrings, I love nature and dream catcher inspired earrings the most. Mostly because they are typically quite light, and also because they are just so beautiful.

Plus, there is something extremely beautiful about the way dream catchers look like.

This may seem like cultural appropriation, but they are just so beautiful! And I always want my bad dreams to be caught before I see them…

And I am about to begin my moment of nature inspired jewelry…

Rose Gold Leaf Earring Crawler Set 

Gold Layered Leaf Earrings

Gold Cut Out Bird Earrings

I really want these…and I’m not even a gold jewelry person!

If I had to choose my favourite kind of jewelry type to style, it’s got to be rings. I feel like rings is the first kind of jewelry someone else may notice. And there is such a thing as too much rings, in my opinion.

This brand has such simple rings that I cannot get over!

Rose Gold Hexagonal Ring 

Gold Sunglasses Ring

Also, how cute is this?

I kind of just wish they wrote it down as just glasses, because that’s the first thing I thought. But regardless, still cute! And I would so wear. I love me some sunglasses!

Honestly, who can say no to affordable jewelry? I can’t!

And I shall never either!

Next time I get my paycheck…they are mine!!

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