Saressa Designs Review

Have you heard of the TV Show Gossip Girl?

If you have, then you must know who Blake Lively is.

Blake Lively has rapidly become a style icon within the fashion industry since her introduction into the world of Gossip Girl and for good reason. She really knows her stuff!

Now, she launched her own life style website called Preserve. It has clothes, jewelry, and everyday bits and bobs as well as home goods.

I have been through her site before a long time ago but only paid attention to her clothes section. As soon as I saw the prices, I told myself that there was no way I could ever purchase something from her website so I immediately forgot about it.20150518_182838-1

But then one day I was bored, and I decided to go through her jewelry section and OH MY GOODNESS. All I saw was beautiful hand made pieces at such reasonable prices that I just stared at my computer screen for a good couple of seconds before breathing again.

The one style that caught my eye was the ring pieces by Saressa Deigns.

They were all gorgeous and extremely affordable for what they are. If this was a big brand, I would be expecting them to charging over $100 so for me, these rings were an absolute bargain.

Now, I did order them through Preserve so it was slightly different, but the rings I got from Preserve arrived earlier than I thought they would, so I was extremely pleased with such a quick service.

However, I did also order through Saressa Design’s website as well, and it was also unbelievably quick and smooth. The lady that makes the rings, Rachael, is extremely easy to communicate do. She is very accommodating and very sweet.

I ordered through her for my friend’s ring and she loved it. It was perfect and no faults. It made me even more excited to see my boyfriend to collect my own rings.

When I finally got them, they were also beautiful and fit perfectly.20150518_182857-1

I hate rings with thin bands because they typically make my fingers look more chubby than they really are but even though these rings are thin banned, they are so comfortable and do not make my fingers look plumper at all.

I honestly cannot imagine my life without these jewelry pieces anymore. And I know that I will be buying more. Not only for the style, but also the impeccable service.

Definitely check them out!


Saressa Deigns: (Been on the website so much that my URL bar recognizes it…lol)

Turquoise Oval Druzy Ring:

Rose Gold Triangle Druzy Ring:

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