Fashion Haul Summer 2015

I’ve been really holding back on make up purchases because I feel like I want to use up some of my current make up before going onto other new things.

Something I am definitely am not holding onto is fashion bits and bobs.

I have been really getting into buy fashion items lately and have accumulated quite a lot within the past couple of months by itself.

Let’s get down to it!

Because I love them all!


Forever 21 Perforated Lace-Up Peep Toe Booties

I hate peep toe. But I want to experiment more with the kinds of clothes I wear and when I saw these shoes, I imagined so many ways of styling them that I just need them. Plus I had a coupon, so I didn’t feel as bad as spending the $35 on them!

For a quick review of these shoes, they are slightly narrow at the bottom, but for the most part, they are pretty comfortable. However, they are significantly less comfortable once you zip it up at the back because it rubs against the tendon of your leg. So I wear them unzipped…don’t judge me!

Forever 21 Pointed Faux Leather Slip On’s 

I’ve been really into slip on pointy toed shoes lately and when I saw these, I thought that they were the perfect addition to my closet for the sporty shoe trend that is going on right now. Plus, it’s easier to put on more than anything.

A heads up about about these shoes is that you should definitely wear flat socks. I know many of you may see this as gross, but I hate wearing socks. So when I don’t have to i.e. when I wear flats, I won’t wear socks. But these, because they are faux leather, black, and kind of tight, you really have to in order to prevent your sweat to making them uncomfortable.

Also, another heads up about these shoes are that the sole is not as high as you might think (but it’s not like it’s thin either).20150518_182639-1


Essie Button’s Donut Disturb Nightee

Soft, comfortable, and gorgeous.

What more can I say?

Although, you have been warned that even though it says Extra Oversized, it’s still barely over sized to me…

Target Mossimo Printed Woven Shift Dress 

My favourite kind of dresses out there. I love the ones that flow, and the ones that I can hide my food baby in…and it’s also the perfect summer dress in my opinion.

GAP A-Line Tank in Red Mahogany, Clean Coal, and Snow Cap

After I turned 20, I realized that I am becoming much more conscious of the kinds of clothes I buy. Since I am getting older, I am looking for clothes that are much more friendly to my increasing age but keeps me young at the same time. This tank is very classic and flattery so it is perfect for the next couple of years.

H&M Short Twill Shorts in White, and Stripe

I usually stray away from white shorts because they typically don’t hide my butt as well and they also make me look a lot more tanner then I actually am. But even though this is pure white, it just looks good (don’t mean to sound vain there…). Plus, they are also very age appropriate because it isn’t super short but it isn’t that weird length either.

H&M makes some good clothes for people like me who are in their early 20’s to mid-20’s.

H&M Sweatshorts in Dark Blue 

I’ve grown to be more comfortable wearing shorts to bed nowadays and I thought that these were perfect. Plus, they feel quite soft. I will probably be purchasing more.

Aritzia Parklife Race Legging

I’ve been wanting a good pair of yoga leggings that weren’t made of cotton from Forever 21. These are so similar to the Lululemon leggings but way cheaper…and they are on sale!


Saressa Designs x Preserve:

Turquoise Oval Druzy Ring

Review coming.

Rose Gold Triangle Druzy Ring

Review coming.20150518_182911

Rose Gold Earrings (bought in Northampton at a local store.)

I’m all about the nature jewelry, especially earrings. I love leaf earrings because they are typically light, and go well with almost every single type of outfit. I cannot imagine my life without leaf earrings.


Quay x Shay Vivienne Sunglasses [Sold Out on original website.]

Review coming.

Aritzia Talula Turpin Belt 

I was going to buy leather belt from Target but these were a couple bucks cheaper. And way more classic.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

P.S. Sorry, totally forgot about the shoes!!

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