NYX ‘Go To Palette’ (Wanderlust) Review

I was browsing through the new make up display at Ulta when I found this gem. I haven’t heard of anyone talk about this so I knew it must be a fairly recent release.

It seems like drugstores are now trying to come out with more palette’s these days. First Maybelline, then L’Oreal, and now it is NYX.20150526_172956

This palette has two editions. There is this edition named Wanderlust which is a more rose gold neutral toned, and then there is Bon Voyage which has darker and more bolder colors like a navy blue, army green, and royal purple. I am on an eye shadow streak but I am still in need of more neutral tones.

Now, this palette retails for approx. $17 (because Ulta has it for 16.99….) so it is definitely much more affordable and there is more in this palette than the L’Oreal La Palette since this one includes a highlighter, blush, and bronzer.20150526_173011-1

Let’s start with the basics. I am personally not a hug fan of peach blushes to begin with because they don’t look good on my tanned skin tone. However this blush isn’t very pigmented (which I personally enjoy) so it will only give a very small dose of color. Enough to have color on the cheeks, but not enough to make you look like a clown. Since this blush has a very healthy amount of glow/glitter, it’s almost useless to use a highlighter on top.

The bronzer is matte so it is perfect to bronze with. Both the bronzer and highlighter is extremely pigmented so I would use a very light hand with both.


Initial application with the highlight on the inner lid, crease shade, the dark plum color, with the gold and rose gold shimmer.

Let’s move onto the eye shadows. I would say that there is only one matte eyeshadow but the darker purple is also kind of matte since it doesn’t have as much glitters as the other four. I wish there was a darker matte shade included because then I could really just take this one palette with me if I travel.

But since there is only one matte shadow, and it’s also a crease color, I feel that I would have to bring one of my other matte palettes as well.

One this that surprised me as this go-to palette is the lack of a mirror.

After 4 hours– visible crease on right eye. Plum color decreased significantly. (Shimmers were still visible to the naked eye. I just have a terrible camera…)

They would probably jack up the price, but I feel like if it is go-to and if it already has all the face make up elements, then why not add the mirror? Regardless, the lack of a mirror isn’t a huge deal breaker. It just means that I have to either bring my own mirror or use my powder compacts.

Now let’s move onto the application of this palette.

After 8+ hours. Colors have significantly decreased within both eyes. Creases seen on both eyes.

The entire eyeshadow palette has a very pale wash of color even though it swatches so beautifully. When you apply it with a brush, it sheers out so there is only a faint color and the glimmer. However, there is slightly more pigment if you apply it with finger tips. However, even then, unless you only want a light dose of color, these eye shadows aren’t that amazing.

Let’s move onto the face powders.

It’s hard to see the highlighter since it is translucent but it is definitely there. (Excuse my terrible skin..)

The highlighter, even though it swatches so white, it is actually very translucent on the skin. It looks like a glow from within kind of high light and it went on quite smoothly.

The blush was the part I had the biggest problems with…With a regular domed blush brush, you have to be extremely careful to not mix it in with the two other powders on the other side. I swiped it very gently and even then it got quite a bit of the bronzer on the side of the brush. In the end I was thankful that I had so many make up brushes to use a different brush to blend with.20150527_121514-1

Once the blush is on, it does require quite a few times in the pan before it can reach a nice pale wash of color. In that aspect, I quite like since I hate the overly blushed look.

Moving onto the bronzer, is it probably the most pigmented in the whole palette. Use a light hand! And if you use it light enough it can definitely be used for a minor contour.

Let’s go on to the lasting powder.

While the eyeshadows are kind of weak in pigmentation, they definitely last in their glitter form. However, after a few hours it is hard to tell the color. You only really see the glitter.

I recommend applying these eye shadows with a quite a bit of primer. On one eye, even though I applied some primer, it still creased on me and…I don’t think we want that do we?

As for the face powders…the highlighter was the first to disappear on me. However it wasn’t a big deal because the blush had a decent amount of glow/glitter already. And then the blush deteriorated followed by the bronzer.

An overall conclusion of this palette is…it isn’t worth the $17. At least not for me, as someone who has so much make up already. However, if you are more of an amateur, then this palette might be the way to go for you to explore every major part of make up and then build your way up.

But I would say that if you already have an extensive collection like me, then this would be a waste of money. I actually returned it the day after I tried this palette.

In my opinion, I (PERSONALLY) would rather carry an extra few products for extra wear than buy this compact palette.

I hope this was helpful, and wasn’t too negative! I know things like this are appealing which is why I wanted to be honest.

If you are reading this and you are from NYX…sorry.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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