FASHION MONTH 2015: Must Have Accessories


Booties: I think most fashionable people own a pair of these in some way, shape, or form.

And why?

Because they keep things nice and real. They make an outfit look put together and almost go with all kinds of outfits. While they may not be worn in every single situation, they go with at least 80% of situations.

Plus, if you buy a version of booties that do not have a high heel, then you can wear them comfortably which is the real deal no?

Affordable Options: Shoe Carnival, Shoe Carnival, Zara Flats: Sometimes you don’t want to wear socks and just want to leave the house temporarily in a pair of shoes that require no fuss.

Flats are your best friend.

I used to be a hard core ballet flat person, but then I realized that they have more problems.

Since they do not have any real sole, you do not have the support you need for long wear, and it is also a lot easier to feel the ground beneath your feet which, I personally do not enjoy.

My most recent obsession with flat kinds of shoes are loafers and pointy toed flats (they are not completely flat since they have a lot more support than traditional ballet flats).

I always thought loafers were so old looking…but then when I got my first pair, I realized that they are the simplest kinds of shoes a girl can own.

Affordable Options: ASOS: 1, 2, Zara

Heels: Pretty self explanatory.

In my opinion, if you had to buy one pair of heels, go with nude. They are versatile and go with every single kind of outfit necessary.

Black heels are also very staple, but it’s a lot harder to pull off a purple or green dress with a pair of black heels (in my opinion). So, go with nude.

And if you have other money to spend, go with black, and then venture into colored heels. I’m looking into a pair of red pointy heels right now… 😉

Affordable Options: Shoe Carnival: 1, 2, ASOS

Knee High Boots: I have thick calves (thanks to my mother), so it’s hard to find a great pair of knee high boots. But when I found them last winter, I have not stopped wearing them.

They are the best kind of shoes for the colder seasons and you do not need to sacrifice your fashion sense for them either!

Similar to flats, I think that if you put on a pair of knee high boots, it will just make you look more put together.

Although it’s also a lot more work…but fashion is pain right?

Affordable Options: Aerosoles, ASOS


Sunglasses: In the picture above I used aviators because I think aviators look good on everyone (you can argue with me all you want but the shape of aviators complement every one) while other kinds of sunglasses only look good on people with certain face shape.

While you can make other kinds of sunglasses work for you, I’m all about universal sunglasses love.

Sunglasses are a must because they make you look collected, and often time than not, it can complete an outfit.

Affordable Options: ALDO: 1, 2


Cross-body bag: Going out with your friends? Going out on a date? Don’t want to carry your life with you? A cross body bag is it!

My favourite kinds are from Fossil because their leather is so soft and their things are crazy classy with enough space in the bag for the things you would need.

If I’m going out and want my hands free, this is the bag.

Affordable Options: ALDO, ASOS

Backpack: I hate backpacks.

I am not a huge fan of going through all that trouble for my wallet or a packet of tissues.

BUT, they are coming back and I am a strong believer in reusable fashion.

I guess the real deal is whether you can find a fashionable replacement for a standard travel backpack. If you are in college like me, it might be harder to find a good quality backpack at a cheap price that can hold the weight of your textbooks. But it’s not impossible.

You just gotta look harder and be more willing to possibly spend more money.

However, I recently bought my first fashionable backpack for the summer. I know I’ll get use out of it since I will be working but also getting tutored.

A cross body bag won’t cut it.

Affordable Options: ASOS: 1, 2

Satchel: While I do not take my satchel everywhere with me, I love taking it when I am either at the airport, or when I want to look more put together (aka. when I feel like it).

Satchels are spacious and can typically fit quite a large amount of things without losing its shape (hopefully).

I really have nothing more to say about this.

It’s a must (in my opinion!)!

Affordable Options: ALDO, ALDO

I genuinely hope that the fourth and last installment of Fashion Month has been successful and helpful. T

he problem with these kinds of things (fashion, make up, books, music, movies etc) is that it is all personal bias and so, if you have other staples you swear by, please comment down below!

I will be very interested to know what I am missing in this list 🙂

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And most important of all….

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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