FASHION MONTH 2015: Must Have Bottoms


Black Denim Jeans: Anything to say?

Not really, pretty self explanatory.

But, do you know why black is such a popular “color” (btw, in case you didn’t know, black isn’t a color)?

Because it gives off the illusion that you are slim. It slims you down and elongates your legs (if you wear the right pair of shoes!).

So black denim? Check!

Affordable options: (Denim is also the kind of things that can get quite expensive. With denim I am also a firm believe in the higher quality you buy the more uses you will get out of them.) (I do not have a preference as to what kind of jeans so, I just added the link to the general page where they sell their jeans!) American Eagle, Levi’s 

Regular jeans: I have picked above a pair of boyfriend jeans which I recently discovered is pretty cute.

But in general, please own a pair of jeans if you don’t!

It’s such a casual piece that can be worn up or down.

Casual: plaid shirt + jeans + booties.

Smart: blouse + jeans + a nice heel.

Perfect? I think so!

Affordable options: Similar as above

Dress pants: Let’s be real, if you are my age (20 years old) and up, you need a pair of these for the (near) future (or present, depending on your age!).

While they will be mostly used for work, they can also be worn nicely on a casual night out as well if you pair it with a nice spaghetti strap top and a chunky bootie.

Affordable options: Uni Qlo, Express


Skorts: Sometimes you want to wear a skirt but don’t want to deal with worrying about your panties showing. Hence, I introduce you to skorts~

I actually remember wearing these when I was in elementary school in Australia. It’s funny how it’s coming back into the fashion world haha

Anyway, I no longer own a pair of these, but, I have been trying find a good pair that fit my thighs and still looks good on me. Hopefully I find one in time for the summer!

Why are these necessary?

They are cute and easy to wear. They are also a lot less stigmatized that if you wear a short denim shorts that typically have half your butt hanging out. Hence classy, hence you should buy/own a pair.

Affordable options: Sheinside, Express

Denim shorts: Speaking of having your butt hanging half open, here they are!

Now, I know that since I am older now, I should be steering well away from these…but I just can’t!

It’s the same rule as t-shirts: I either want the whole leg, or none at all. But since I obviously cannot have none, I have to settle for the shortest (but, I do draw the line at my butt hanging open.).

I just really love these for no reason. I know they are not exactly practical, but I love them! It’s just so easy to throw on a pair of denim shorts, a nice tank top, put on some flats and bolt out to enjoy the sunshine. I just love how simple they are to style and how hard it is to not get it right!

Affordable options: Romwe, American Eagle


Pencil skirt: Now I see pencil skirts as the same reasoning as dress pants.

The most professional looking pencil skirts are actually the ones that flare out a bit that do not completely hug your figure. The ones that do hug your figure are also good, but may not be the best for work.

However, they are good for a night out with a loose tank top.

Affordable options: H&M, Forever 21

Circle/Skater Skirt: These are more flirty, and they give you the look of having a smaller waist but more fuller hips.

I never really love them until I found the right skirt.

I recommend looking for the skirts that have a nice amount of rifts in them. The more rifts there are the more fuller it’ll be when you wear it. If you want a nice balance I’d say don’t buy a skirt with more than 6-8 rifts.

Affordable options: H&M, Forever 21

I genuinely hope that the third installment of Fashion Month has been successful and helpful. The problem with these kinds of things (fashion, make up, books, music, movies etc) is that it is all personal bias and so, if you have other staples you swear by, please comment down below! I will be very interested to know what I am missing in this list 🙂

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And most important of all….

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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