FASHION MONTH 2015: Must Have Tops & Dresses

Another week of Fashion!

Ready? 😉 What am I talking about, of course you are! Let’s go~

But, before we do, I also added in must have types of dresses because, well, I’m a girl, and I love me some dress action! (Skirt’s will be coming next week.)

(If you missed last week’s installment, I talked about Outerwear! Check it out here.)


Blouse: Keepin’ up with the theme of classiness and elegance, a blouse is a must have!

I’ve fallen in love with wearing blouse’s in a causal setting with a cute skater skirt. It just looks simple but also extremely put together.

Affordable options: H&M, H&M

V neck T-Shirt: I know I must seem so picky but, this is the ONLY kind of t-shirts I recommend anyone from wearing. And here is my reasoning! (I swear I’m not weird…)

Round neck t-shirts cut you off. Have you ever noticed that when you are wearing a round neck t-shirt, it makes you look a lot shorter in the mirror? If you have never noticed, that means you’re very tall, and I’m very jealous.

But, for us shorter girls, we have to be more careful with what kind of cut we wear and v-neck is most flattering. Since it doesn’t cut off the neck, your neck looks longer, and with the v, it also makes you more feminine. Of course, do not buy a t-shirt without wearing it first! Especially v-neck. There is a very fine line between classy and trampy. I hate t-shirts. But when I do wear them, they have to be v-neck (or it’s when I’m working out in which case I won’t care what I look like!)

Affordable options: (Do not speak more than $10 on a t-shirt. Not worth it unless there is a special meaning behind it!) Why are t-shorts so expensive nowadays? Uni Qlo, Macy’s << the cheapest I could find…

Tank Top: I love tank tops because I hate the restriction of sleeves. It either has to have the whole sleeve, or no sleeve at all.

Similar to v-necks, there is a very fine line between something that looks classy and something that looks trampy. But, in the case of tank tops, that line is SUPER fine. Almost like a spider cobweb thin.

There’s nothing wrong with them, but just be careful with the following two things: cleavage, and bra showing. If you can see your bra, that not classy anymore.

Affordable options: Forever 21, Forever 21

Plaid Shirt: I love plaid. I looooooove plaid.

When I was at Goodwill the past winter, I had to be careful to not go overboard with the amount of plaid shirts I bought. I ended up only buying one but I wanted to buy so many!

A tip for a nice plaid shirt, buy it from the men’s section!

Why? Here’s why: the material is softer, the shape is more forgiving, and over sized typically (so you can wear it in a slouchy way, or tucked into a pair of jeans).

I stopped buying plaid shirts a long time ago.

But, getting back to it, plaid screams casual. Perfect for a date! Or just a night out.

Affordable options: Goodwill, Uni Qlo


Slip Dress: This was my first love for dresses actually. After I bought my first slip dress, I fell in love with dresses.

Why do you need a slip dress?

Because it’s easy. It flows around your body and it will not emphasize anything. (So if you eat a big mean, no one will see that food baby!) It is also extremely stylish, and can be worn up or down.

Affordable options: Forever 21, Forever 21

LBD (Little Black Dress): Funny how I put it in my must have’s but I do not have one myself…

Anyway, I think it is a staple because similar to the slip dress, it can be worn up or down. And a black dress is always appropriate for a night our because since it is black, it will hide imperfections while emphasizing your waist/hips (and your boobs if you buy the right kind of neck line!).

Sadly I have no found one that I like and looks good on me…but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Affordable options: Forever 21, H&M

Maxi Dress: This is my favourite kind of all dresses 100%!

I love maxi-dresses because they are just so feminine. But I guess I really prefer them because it’s hard for people to see your underwear if there is a strong gust of wind! Haha. But, on a more serious note, I love the way it can hug your curves in the right way without making you look like you tried very hard. They can also elongate your body which I love as a short person…

Buy the ones with a cinched in waist, or the ones that hug your figure nicely.

Affordable options: Forever 21, Uni Qlo

I genuinely hope that the second installment of Fashion Month has been successful and helpful. The problem with these kinds of things (fashion, make up, books, music, movies etc) is that it is all personal bias and so, if you have other staples you swear by, please comment down below! I will be very interested to know what I am missing in this list 🙂

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And most important of all….

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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