FASHION MONTH 2015: Must Have Outerwear

I love fashion.

I love clothes and I love how a good outfit can make you feel beautiful.

And since it is the month of my birthday, I have decided to do a fashion month (and also because I really want to post more fashion blog posts!).

So, for the Monday’s of April (6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th), I will be uploading my must have Outerwear, Tops, Bottoms, and Accessories respectively. I will also be listing affordable options in below because what’s the point of just talking about it if you cannot shop? 😉 Also, affordable because I am a broke college student who loves clothes… bad mix?

I think so! (But I cannot promise anything! I am a strong believe in that if it’s going to be timeless, you should invest. But I will do my best to keep everything under $100!) So, let’s get started!

Classic Trcoatsench: Since the beginning of fashion, I swear the trench coat has always been in fashion.

And want to know why?

Because it has a forever timeless shape, and flatters every single body shape. You can wear it open, or you can button it up and cinch the waist. The option is endless.

And the best part about it?


It’s the perfect coat for you to layer away. Wear it for all four seasons if you can (and trust me, you can! Unless you live in New England…)!

Also, color doesn’t matter for a trench. Almost every color will look amazing BUT, if you keep to the classic colors like black, camel, or navy, then you bunch up the classiness!

Affordable options: ASOS, Romwe

Warm Cardigan: Speaking of layering, here’s is the number 1 thing you can use to layer!

I do it all the time. If you have found that one cardigan that is soft beyond words, AND keeps you warm, then you have found the perfect layering piece!

When it isn’t cold enough for a winter coat, but isn’t warm enough for just a cardigan, then I typically layer the cardigan and the trench.

Cardigans are forever my love. They keep things casual but also smart at the same time (unless you have those skull printed cardigans…then that’s a different story!)

Affordable options: Sheinside (pictured above), Forever 21

Strong Leather: When you don’t want to look like a classy lady and want to look bad ass, this is the coat for you!

Not specifically, I also love me some moto jackets.

But, back to leather jackets!

It may not be the warmest for a fall night outing, but it looks great. It is a classic coat (classic may be the wrong word here…) that can make almost outfit you wear look put together.

Sometimes when I look at myself and think something is missing, it’s usually my leather jacket. While this coat is a staple, I love how hard core it is.

You don’t always want to look like a lady do you?

Affordable options: (Heads up that if you buy a legit leather jacket, there will be very little affordable options out there! But, don’t fret because that is why consignment stores and Goodwill exists!) Sheinside, Sheinside 

Perfect Blazer: Who can live without a blazer?

Ever since college happened, I’ve been really changing up my wardrobe.

Now when I go shopping I look for classic pieces that will forever remain timeless that I might be able to pass onto my kids some day. And while I won’t hand down my blazer, it’s one of the pieces that no matter if I have a boy or a girl, I will always get them a nice blazer.

It’s perfect for an interview (whether it be for college admissions or for a job), it’s perfect for a casual yet preppy night out with your friends, and it’s also perfect for class. I don’t think you can ever look too professional!

Affordable options: Amazon (pictured above), Forever 21

Warm Coat: What I really wanted to put in the picture is a big thick winter coat.

But, then I realized that not everyone lives in the winter of New England like I now do, so then I rethought it.

But, in general, have a warm coat in your closet! It will keep the winter cold from penetrating too deep into your skin. I know it’s typically hard to find a nice warm winter coat that also is stylish, but at some point you have to give up style for comfort.

The good thing is that even if you wear a big winter coat like I do, you can still be dressy on the inside! What matters is how your classmates see you, now the people walking by you on the street! (But in all seriousness, I hope you are all dressing up for yourself, not for others. Because that is the meaning of true happiness: doing things YOU like, for YOURSELF.)

Affordable options: Romwe (pictured above), H&M

I genuinely hope that the first installment of Fashion Month has been successful and helpful.

The problem with these kinds of things (fashion, make up, books, music, movies etc) is that it is all personal bias and so, if you have other staples you swear by, please comment down below! I will be very interested to know what I am missing in this list 🙂

Follow me on IG (bloggersofieyah) for my OOTD’s and my FB page (Sofieyah) for random updates that will NOT clog up your feed! And most important of all….

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today! xo

∞ sofieyah ∞

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