#feelingspendy Spring Break Haul

So, I went shopping.


I’m a shopoholic!

Plus, I was in a desperate need of retail therapy after a busy week of midterms and it was necessary. I had also been saving…

Also, half of these things were bought in NYC and half were bought in NJ. It probably doesn’t really matter, but there’s that. I usually separate them by types of stuff like beauty, fashion etc, but I decided to just do it by store this time to make life easier!

Let’s go!



Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe 

Seche Vite Top Coat 

These are the two items that I have been meaning to try for a very long time and I finally bit the bullet and just decided to purchase them! These two things have been talked about so often that I don’t think I really need to talk about.

The Seche Vite is absolutely divine and is well worth the hype and money.

As for the Color Tattoo… I don’t know how I feel about it. It isn’t as creamy as I thought it would be, and the color doesn’t come out the way it shows on the packaging so…I cannot tell if I just bought a bad one or it’s just like that…





Pantene Detangler

Palmers Replenishing Hair Milk 

L’Oreal Liner Intense

Sunglasses (similar)

My good friend uses the top two products and so far, they are pretty good. I might do a hair care routine soon.

The L’Oreal liner….a review will be coming soon!

The sunglasses are amazing.



HD Sculpting Powder 505 

Tati talked about this and when I found the store I knew I had to try it! DO NOT BUY THE PAN. Just buy the powder and be careful with it. They rip you off if you buy the container as well…Plus, the container is very chunky.

A review will come soon! (Once I actually start using it!)




Bite Beauty Buttercream Lipstick in Pecan 

Chloe’s Love Story Rollerball 

The perfume is absolutely amazing! I’m going to buy the full size!

De Janeiro


‘Blog Life’ Muscle Tee

I had to… lol






Blouses in Black, White, and Teal

Black Skater Skirt

2 Black Cami’s

2 White Cami’s

I feel like as you get older, you have to be more careful with the type of clothes you buy. Forever 21 just isn’t cutting it these days for me. I picked up a pair of shorts and normally I would at least try it on and consider it, but when I picked it up I just realized that it’s too short. It’s too immature for my age group now and not very professional to wear to work or an interview. Definitely loving H&M!



SimplyVera by Vera Wang Svatlee

I have been meaning to try these kinds of shoes for such a long time and I just couldn’t pass these up! They were on sale, chic, and they had only one size left! So, it was a no brainer really.






Lush Cosmetics


Oatifix Face Mask 

Shine So Bright

I have never walked into a Lush store until this day because the scent of the store always pushed me away from it before I could even push my way into it!

I originally wasn’t going to get anything, but then ended up getting a face mask and a treatment of split ends. I’m going to have a review come up for the Shine So Bright pretty soon. But I can tell you in a nutshell how I feel about it: I don’t like it.


Universal 3-in-1 lenses 

It’s been on my wishlist and I finally bit the bullet. Why not?


20150326_163933New Look Cross Hatch Backpack 

ASOS Mention Suede Loafers 

I’ve been meaning to get a nice backpack for some time. And it’s weird because now, all of a sudden, backpacks are back!

I hate backpacks actually because I hate the amount of work you need to go through in order to get something out of the bag. But I plan on moving a lot this summer (like in terms of travelling and going to work etc) and I thought that it’ll just make my life easier to have my hands free. Plus, if I’m walking with my boyfriend I don’t have to make him walk on only one side of me.

The shoes…I wanted them.

Oh, and both of these items were bought because ASOS tempted me with a 20% coupon! Don’t blame me!

Kate Spade Saturday 


Zipline Card and Coin Purse

Deep Pleat Mini Skirt (Dancing Plaid)

KATE SPADE SATURDAY CLOSED DOWN! I follow them on Instagram and was wondering why they kept on lowering the prices of their goods until I realized that they were closing down…

I love their stuff! And I love it because it is of good quality, but isn’t super expensive like Kate Spade.

My Large A Satchel is from them and I absolutely love it to bits. It makes me so sad that they had to close down. But, on the other hand I am kind of happy as well because they had a 60% off and it really allowed me to save some money buying the two things above.

The Card and Coin key is pretty decent and I have a feeling that I will be using it quite a bit, at least around campus when I don’t want to bring my chunky MK wallet around with me. Also, the skirt is beyond cute. Plus, it has pockets! That’s a bonus!

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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