Nars Cosmetics ‘Virtual Domination’ Cheek Palette Review

This is a very belated review, but it’s better to do it than not right?

Now, the packaging. Oh, my, goodness.

Beautiful. Need me say more?


But, I love how dimensional it is, and I love how simple yet classic it is.

This palette also has a great sized mirror which is perfect when you need it!

Now, let’s get into the actual product.

The bronzer in this palette is the classic Laguna.

I have a question about this bronzer…why is it so hyped?

I just don’t understand. This bronzer has way too much glitter in it to make it look natural on the face. If you, like me, use bronzer as contour, then this definitely cannot happen. Too. Much. Glitter.

I feel like the Laguna would be great during the summer because then you can use a light hand. 20150301_170511

As for the highlighter, same problem. Way too many glitter. And because of that glitter, it doesn’t make it look natural. I really hate that. I feel like considering it’s Nars, it should want that natural look. But then again, if you look at their make up, a lot of it is about exaggerating of perfect skin and such.

Left to right: Deep Throat Blush Final Cut Blush Sex Fantasy Blush

Now, this palette isn’t all bad because, every single blush in this palette is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I cannot love these enough. They are all very natural looking and last a decent amount of time. I recommend using a stippling brush with these blush to help it look natural. 20150301_170548

Since I got this palette as a gift, I am totally okay with keeping this palette because for the most part, it is pretty great. I also think it’s perfect for travel and if I did have to go away for the weekend, I would most likely just bring this with me instead of 2-3 other make up items.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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