Rimmel London ‘Show Off Lip Velvet Matte’ Review

Now, I didn’t even know this was new because the packaging is so similar to the regular Show Off Lip Laquer and the only difference is the sandy texture of the packaging and the words MATTE. 20150301_170248

The applicator is the same (dome foot) and like most dome foot applicators it’s too big for a lot of lips, and mine especially. 

Now, upon application, it feels oddly plastic like. It didn’t even feel like a lip product. Because of this feeling, the lipstick feels somewhat separate from the lips. It’s hard to explain. It’s as if your foundation hasn’t really sunk into the face yet, that kind of feeling. 20150301_170311

Since this has a very plastic like feeling, it comes off extremely easily. This does not help the lasting power.

Something else I really dislike about this is the color differentiation.

I picked up the color that looked like a pale pink, but it comes off pink coral when you actually apply it and I really dislike it. It prevents me from using it very often.

Sadly, I have very little things to say about this. I really somewhat dislike this and would recommend the original formulation a lot more. With the original, you get what you pay for and this isn’t worth it.

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∞ sofieyah ∞

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