Josie Maran ‘Argan Cleansing Oil’ Review

Now I have tried the travel size and I loved it. It was, at least back then, simple and worthwhile. Now since I recently moved to college, I didn’t bring alone the last bit of my cleansing oil from Origins so I knew I had to buy a new cleansing oil. So since I had tried this one before, I thought, why not go ahead and purchase the big size. And I did.

However, as soon as I bought it home I used it and I realized that I didn’t enjoy it anymore.

It came too much work.

Now, if you know me, (which makes sense that you don’t), I am an extremely lazy person, especially towards the end of the day. Now this cleansing oil requires certain steps before you can actually remove the make up.

It says especially to wet your face ample before applying the product and there is a reason. If your face (and your hands as well) are not significantly hydrated, the oil becomes very thick and the amount of friction is just awkward and way too complicated than it should be.

Since this oil is very thick, it needs a lot of work. And I am not about to do all that work. Because of all this work, I had to buy a new cleansing oil and I actually really love it (

If you are okay with working a little bit harder at the end of the day, go nuts with this cleansing oil. I am definitely NOT denying that this cleansing oil works amazing. It removes all my face make up and makes my face look squeaky clean. But just the amount of work is not okay with me.

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