L’Oreal ‘Infalliable Pro-Last Lipcolor’ VS Rimmel ‘Provocalips’ Battle/Review

It seems like the trend for 2015 has begun with kissable lip colors and the drugstore is all in with that trend.

Let’s begin:

Packaging: The L’Oreal Infalliable Lip Color has a more mature and sleek packaging while the Rimmel Provocalips have a more youth/girly look since it has lip stick marks all over on the side of the gloss. Packaging wise, I prefer the L’Oreal Lip Color because it’s more simple and I feel like I wouldn’t be embarrassed by it if I took it out to reapply.


Scent: The Provocalips doesn’t have a obvious smell, but the L’Oreal Infalliable Lip Color has a very obvious sweet smell. However, the smell isn’t overpowering and it smells gorgeous on the lips.


Lip Color– The Rimmel Provocalips is a lot more drying on the lips during initial application and the color pay off can disappear very quickly if you accidentally rub your lips together. L’Oreal Infalliable lip color is slightly less drying once it’s on your lips and the color doesn’t come off as patchy when the lips are together.


Provocalips can get patchy and sink into fine lines. Infalliable Color sinks into fine lines.

Gloss– The Rimmel Provocalips and the Infalliable Color only have one main difference: one is a gloss and the other is a balm respectively. Both work as well.

However the balm is where the sweet smell comes from and is much easier to use.


Lip Color– Provocalips dome foot applicator is harder to get the color on the lips perfectly and can end up bleeding off the lips if not careful. Infalliable applicator is much easier to apply and it’s hard to get it bleeding.

Gloss– I prefer the balm applicator than the gloss dome foot applicator. Mostly because it’s just a cap and I don’t have to twist the cap.


Lasting Power: Provocalips definitely stays on much longer than Infalliable. I know this because even when I tried to remove the lip color, it wouldn’t budge. Even over night.

Removal: Provocalips is a absolute pain to remove. For me, I want kissable and long lasting lip color, but somewhat easy to remove, and Infalliable does that.

After effects: Both are extremely drying on the lips. They both make my lips peel and I really hate that! I wish the companies could make the formula much more hydrating. However, Provocalips is much more drying on the lips than Infalliable and I think that is because Provocalips stays on for that much longer.

Color Range: Infalliable has a about twice as many lip color range than the Provocalips. However the Provocalips have many of the staple colors so both range is perfect. If you prefer the in between colors then the Infalliable is your better choice. But both are amazing.

Overall: I love how they both are long lasting, but I ended up returning both and here’s why: as much as I love the color selection and the point of them, I really hate the fact that they dry out my lips like nothing else. My lips are already dry to begin with (I’m the worst when it comes to lip balms…) and I don’t need a lipstick to add on to that. However, if you have naturally moist lips, go ahead and try them! They really don’t shed color when you kiss or nothing (however if you’re making out it will most likely come off lol).

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∞ sofieyah ∞

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