Tarte Cosmetics ‘Lights, Camera, Splashes’ vs ‘Gifted’ Battle/Review

Volumizing? Gifted

Lengthening? Lights Camera Splashes

Which one my friend prefers? Gifted

She thought it was more fluffy.


Application? The wand for Lights Camera Splashes is very light and easy to get transfer on the eyelid. I would say that the wand for Gifted is more thick and more round. Both apply pretty smoothly and are very gorgeous on the eye lashes.

Curl upkeep? Both hold up the curls.

Clumps? Lights Camera Splashes does not clump. Gifted can clump after more than two applications but it doesn’t look bad and hardly noticeable.

Second application test: Lights, Camera, Splashes gives it a lot of length and some volume whereas the Gifted mascara is adds length the first time and then volume the 2nd time. On the 3rd time, it’s another layer of volume. (And I know it has more volume then length because I enjoy playing with my lashes when I’m bored in class, and I noticed how short my lashes are compared to when I use the Light’s, Camera, Splashes mascara.)20150202_131343_HDR-1

First Application: Left– Gifted ; Right– Lights, Camera, Splashes20150202_131633_HDR-1

Second Application

Price: Gifted – $20
Light’s Camera Splashes – $20

Packaging: Gifted has beautiful packaging. It’s very smooth and feels very nice on the hand. The wood packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Tarte does some amazing packaging.
Light’s Camera Splashes is….it’s nice, but I do not like the packaging as much. It feels very unnecessary in my opinion.


Preference: Tarte Lights Camera Splashes.

Reason: This was a very hard choice for me because I love them both. When I saw YouTubers being obsessed with this mascara I thought that it must e revolutionary and must have a lot of length + volume. But it wasn’t that great in my opinion. It actually reminds me of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara but slightly better in formula. 

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∞ sofieyah ∞

3 thoughts on “Tarte Cosmetics ‘Lights, Camera, Splashes’ vs ‘Gifted’ Battle/Review

  1. I just bought the mini of gifted and I love the packaging! I think it’s great for a natural eye, but I’d go with something bigger if I were wearing a bold eye look that day. Gifted definitely makes lashes nice and fluffy though. 🙂 Thanks for the write up of the other mascara, I’ll check it out!

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