Kate Spade ‘Large A Satchel’ (Rosewood/White) Review

I think that this is one of the favourite bags I own. And that is a lot. In my opinion, I think a bag is the best kind of accessory a girl can have because it is not only pretty but it is also extremely practical.

When I first set eye on this bag online I knew that it had everything I wanted. It was a bag I needed for the airport. I know that sounds incredibly specific but that’s initially the thought that ran through my head but after having had it in my possession for so long, I have began to use it for other uses as well.

As with every bag though, there are sets of pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros first.

Something that really helped me choose this bag, especially through the world of internet, is that I knew before I even had the bag in my possession that it would be extremely spacious. With buying bags online, I always have to imagine the measurements in front of me before I purchase it. I hate going through the hassle of returning things unless they are a complete no-no. So I knew it would be spacious. But I enjoyed how even though it is spacious, it doesn’t clutter. For awhile now I have been interested in the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. However for me there is a big issue that even though I am interested in it because it is big, the fact that it is so big and with very little structure on the inside worries me. But this bag is great because it separates the large bag into two compartments which makes putting things into the bag easier and making it easier to keep all your things in an organized position.

But some things that are a little awkward through online shopping is that you don’t know if the colors of whatever you are purchasing going to be as vibrant as what shows up online. And true to that, it didn’t come to me with as vibrant as a color. However, I realized that I preferred it to not be extremely vibrant. It’s muted tons can officially work with any kind of outfit I wear and I need a bag that can be worn with any kind of an outfit.

One thing I did not anticipate from this bag is how many pockets there would be. I must admit that I didn’t think about pockets so when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of pockets there are. I would say that there is a total of 6 pockets. One on the front, one on the back, two small ones, a middle one, and a zipped up one on the back. Because there are so many pockets it is easy to keep small things organized.

Similar to the fact that it goes with all my outfits, it is also extremely flattering on the body, whether you hold it on your arm or on your shoulder. I think it just looks beautiful on and since I am 5’2″, it doesn’t engulf me but still makes it look elegant and graceful. A pet peeve of mine is when a person isn’t conscious of the way a bag or an accessory looks on him/her. It really annoys me.

Lastly, I enjoy that this bag is such a soft leather. It makes carrying the bag a very pleasant experience.

However, sadly, while there are pros, there are also cons.

If you have noticed, I have yet to comment on the structure of the hand bag and there is a reason for that. For me, the structure could’ve been way better. As stated above, the bag is made of soft leather and while it makes the carrying experience very pleasant, it gives no structure to the bag.

I didn’t actually notice the structure for awhile because it took me some time to really get to use it. I noticed it when I hung it on the door knob of my closet door at school and after awhile the bottom of the bag began to sag even though there was nothing heavy inside. [This is completely fixable — I made a bag base support and now it no longer sags]

I mentioned before there are two small pockets inside the bag for cell phones and small things right? Something else is that if you put too many things in those pockets, because of the lack of structure it bulks out the bag. I never noticed this until I walked past a window and saw the reflection of my bag and noticed that there are two large bulks protruding from the bag.

However, it’s not like the bag is completely lose. It’s in between which is somethings that irks me.

But I think of all the cons I have to write about, the one I’m about to talk about is the worst of the worst and I will tell you how I know that this is bad.

The straps for this bag is designed extremely poorly. I think the designer of the bag thought of the bag well, but didn’t pay attention to the straps, or maybe they added in the straps last minute and didn’t test it out.

The straps for this bag is too thin for the size and provides little to no support.

I have spoken that since this bag is very spacious I put many things in the bag. However I am now cautious about the things I put in the bag because of the unsupportive straps. The straps provide little support because it is way too thin. It it was about twice as thick it would’ve made the bag a lot easier to carry, especially through the airport. However it isn’t.

You would also think that since they have a shoulder strap included, they would be conscious of the fact that people use shoulder straps when there is a lot of things in the bag. However they made the shoulder strap the same width as the hand held handles. That design is such a large flaw and is extremely inconvenient because now I have to be on the hunt of a replacement for the shoulder strap. If I continue using the bag (which I fully intend to do), then I’ll need a more supportive strap.

Since the straps are so thin, I am constantly worried that I might break the bag if I put too many things inside. I wish that wasn’t a concern.

This last con is pretty insignificant in my opinion in comparison with the other two cons mentioned. This con is the expense. Of course though, I bought mine when it was 30% off so I didn’t spend the extra $100+ dollars but I still spent a considerable amount. Looking on the website however, for the same size and shape as my bag, it is already $100 cheaper than the one I got but they are also not as pretty as mine so…I’m not really complaining.

Also, Kate Spade/Saturday have quite a lot of 30% off sales (but that might be because it’s the end of the year?). I purchased my bag in maybe September or October but since then they have had another 30% off sale at least 2 more times so if you are really into purchasing this bag, or this style of bag, then make sure you catch it on their sale. [Their sale also tends to last for a couple of days.]

Overall, I think this bag is still considerably worth it. While the cons were pretty big, it is easily fixable. To me, the fact that it has space and is fashionable but functional is equally, if not more, important.

I really do love this bag and this bag is my baby right now.

I highly recommend it.

Pictures: https://sofieyahh.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/airport-carry-on-essentials/

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