How I Clean My Brushes + Dr. Bronners Magic Soap Review


So here are my dirty brushes.

Now let’s just just speak from the heart and I’m going let the world know that I only deep cleanse my brushes every two weeks, and it’s usually on a weekend.

Now some people may think that is very little, but I actually think it’s perfect because it means I don’t have to wash it too often but I still get a somewhat bacteria free brush to use.  IMG_9415

Now Essiebutton, long ago, mentioned in one her favourites that she enjoyed using Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and I knew I wanted to try it but I didn’t know where to get it, and I also didn’t investigate.

However there is a local organic store by my college and upon chance I saw it and thought it sounded familiar. So went home, researched, and it turned out that it was the same one Estee mentioned! I bought it instantly and decided to try it out to see if it was really “magic”.


Before washing. 

Brushes from left to right: Tarte Concealer brush, Eco Tools Face Brush, Sigma Flat Kabuki, Sigma Large Angled Brush, Real Techniques Stippling Brush, Sigma Large Concealer Brush, Tarte Buffing Brush, Tarte Foundation Brush.




So what I do is get a cup of sorts, put like two or three drops of the soap (because any more and it’ll get your brushes extremely soapy and it would take it longer to rinse out).


I then fill the cup up to about half way and then just swirl the brush around!

Now I recommend using cold water or at most luke warm because if you use warm/hot water, the glue in the bristles will loosen and the fibers will fall out! And we don’t want that. IMG_9430


Middle of the process. After having washed them in the soap. 


After rinsing the brushes.

IMG_9434After they have been rinsed, ideally you should find a way to put them upside down, however if you do not have those kinds of contractions, get a long enough towel (or you can use paper towel but it is much less water absorbent) and just left it there to dry overnight and you should be fine!

Of course, not all brushes will need the entire night. It tends to be the denser brushes that need the extra night.

Now for the review…

I literally LOVE this Magic Soap.

It definitely works.

I’ve seen all my dirty brushed being cleaned so well that they would come out looking brand new. The white of the brush originally came back after using the soap.

If you can find it around you, I definitely recommend you to get it! There is also a smaller version if you do not trust me and want to test it out. This soap is organic so it is good for your brushes.

I will be buying more when this runs out.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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