Airport Carry-On 2014


Since I am one of the lucky few to go home, I thought why not do a blog post about what I bring to the airport. So here it is!


Kate Spade Saturday Colorblock Large A Satchel in Rosewood/White 

I’ve been looking for a nice airport carry on bag for a long time that wasn’t a backpack and when Kate Spade had a sale and I saw this bag and INSTANTLY fell in love with it. However it was like almost $400 but the sale made it ~$250 and it made me very happy.

This bag is extremely spacious, however, before I even started using it there is one thing I dislike about this bag already.

I don’t like the handles.

I feel like for the size of the bag, the handle and  and shoulder strap is incredibly inefficient and thin and very hard on the shoulders if it’s heavy. However, a full review of this bag will come soon enough!


Hair Clip: similar 

Long hair problems. Sometimes hair is annoying, but most of the time I love my hair.

Bird’s Eye View 



Side PocketsIMG_9461

Left to Right:



My phone (HTC One)

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Too Cool 

Forever 21 Aviators

My ugly glasses

Kleenex Travel Pack: similar

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Pen

Bic Pen in Blue

iPod (not pictured)

I feel like all these things are  explanatory but for the few that aren’t…

I bring bandaids because I am a clumsy person and have a high change of hurting myself during the day. Kleenex for a similar reason- I am a messy eater, sadly. Glasses just in case my contacts get uncomfortable.

Front Facing Compartment


Left to Right:

Sherlock Holmes Pt. 1 aka. a book I’m reading (I got mine at a 2nd hand book store)

Frends Layla Headphones Rose Gold 


Feminine Hygiene Products

I always try to bring a book with me to read. While I do have books on my Surface to read, I’m all for holding the physical copy of the book. Plus, I’m reading Sherlock Holmes and I feel like I haven’t had as much time to read as I wanted.

Second Compartment + Middle Divder


Left to Right:

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Wallet 

Sephora Face Mask in Rose & Pomegranate 

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 + Pro Type Cover 

Chargers (not pictured)

I’ve never used a face mask on the plane before, but I constantly hear YouTubers talk about it so I decided to try it out. I know I’m going to look so scary, but honestly, every time I’ve stepped off a plane my skin feels disgusting so I want to see if a face mask does anything to combat that dehydration.


Woodstock All Natural Sweetened Banana Chips (Or can be bought at your local organic store!)

Once again, self explanatory. My metabolism is extremely quick so I get hungry easily. I bought these banana chips quite a long time ago but for some strange reason I’ve managed to stop myself from opening them and eating so I decided it’s the best snack to bring on the road. Plus, it’s resealable.

I hope my carry on essentials have helped! I’m all for travelling light, especially since I also am bringing a small suitcase. I had originally brought a notebook along but it made the bag really heavy and honestly, I most likely won’t be taking any notes. If I did, I’ll just take it on OneNote!

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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