Leighton Meester ‘Heartstrings’

I never planned to ever review and entire album before but when I saw that Leighton Meester had an entirely new album out, I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t surprised because she was producing music but just because I didn’t know she had been producing something new. It seemed like she had tried to keep it on the down low? Or maybe I was just being slow.

But she posted on her Facebook page today to a link on Elle that had her full album and I wanted to hear her music.

Now when I first listened to her title song, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was great, but I didn’t realize how much I loved it until a few hours later I wanted to hear it again! That’s when I know I love the music: when I miss hearing it.

And then while I start to really listen to her entire album I know that I should write a personal review on it.

Of course, this music album review will not be of every song (because I would be typing until my hand hurts…) but of the album in general.

My first time listening to just one song was my initial surprise at her voice. Now, of course she has released music before so it’s not like I could be too surprised but then I did realize why I was surprised: this song showcased her voice a lot more than her previous music. Her previous music was very electronic and it drowned out the unique-ness of her voice.

If you listen to Heartstrings without knowing that she was singing it, you would never have guessed that it’s Leighton.

What I really love about this entire album is that the tune doesn’t drown out her amazing voice. They are very nicely paired together with a great balance that really feels like you’re listening to a lullaby.

While the entire album has a very fresh sound to it because of her voice, I can potentially hear people critique the album saying that the general sound is similar and that there isn’t a ton of variation. I do get that feeling that she isn’t really venturing outside her comfort zone. However, this is her first full length album so I admire that she has managed to put this out despite her busy acting schedule.

I hope that people will not dismiss her musical abilities because of her acting abilities. Contrary to popular belief, actors/actresses do and can make amazing songstresses/singers (ie. Lucy Hale).

After having listened to the entire album, it is say to say that I love the following songs: Heartstrings, Run Away, Sweet, Dreaming, and Entitled.

For a whole album, the fact that I enjoy so many songs is very unheard of, at least for me.

I am so excited for her album release and I know for a fact that I will FINALLY be getting some new music that I am actually excited for.

To listen to her entire album, the link is here: http://www.elle.com/news/culture/leighton-meester-heartstrings-exclusive-interview

Watch her live performance of Heartstrings;

I know that this review wasn’t extensive per se, but what I want you to take out of this “review” is that Leighton’s singing abilities comes from her passion for her music and her singing is completely separate from her acting career. At least try to listen to Heartstrings if you are unsure. It will definitely make you wonder.

I know for a fact that I will have a new lullaby to listen to when I have trouble sleeping

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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