Tarte Cosmetics ‘Brushed with Destiny’ Review

Let’s be real, Tarte Cosmetic brushes are renown for their softness and good condition. So when they came out with a whole package for only $44, I had to get it. Because just that Bamboo Buffer brush is $36 alone! So two brushes alone is even more than this whole package! IMG_8978IMG_8995

And it comes with a free make up bag. It cannot get better than that! I will definitely be using this as a make up brush bag since I have added to my collection a lot more. IMG_8979IMG_8980

Isn’t it fabulous and gorgeous?! IMG_8981IMG_8982

The Balancing Act Bamboo Foundation Brush 

It says that it’s a foundation brush, but I did try to use it with foundation and it doesn’t work well. I’m a buffer when it comes to foundation so this one is more of a patting and wiping kind of brush. Because the bristles are short and also slanted, it makes it hard to evenly apply foundation.

HOWEVER, it is great for undereye concealer. It really blends it in effortlessly and it also makes the application quick- over in a few seconds rather than a minute of buffing.

Unavaliable to purchase alone on the website. IMG_8983IMG_8984

Contourtionist Bamboo Cream Blush & Contour Brush

I tried using this for blush and it’s hard to soft blend a blush. But if you have a very light hand, this could really help you blend in your blush seamlessly.


The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

Do I even have to review this?

It’s the best foundation blending brush out available.

Retail: $32



Double-ended Bamboo Eyeshadow Brush

Now I have no eyeshadow so unfortunately, I cannot give any sort of review on this brush.

(I gave it to my make up lover friend!)

It’s a very good to blend out a smokier look. She also says that it’s a good finishing step to blend out any harsh lines on eye shadow.

Unavailable to purchase alone. 


Undercover Lover Bamboo Concealer Brush

Before purchasing this set, I purchases the Sigma concealer brush which is similar in shape but a lot denser and larger.

After having used that, I tried this blender and didn’t find the results as satisfying. I also had to spend a lot more time blending it out. However, I do think that it is a good brush if you are just blending in concealer to cover spots.

Retail: $20 



My overall jurisdiction of this set is that it is completely worth it!

Even if I were to only use the buffer and the slanted foundation brush, those two alone pays for this entire set so yes, that makes it worth it.

If you are to purchase any of Tarte’s holiday sets, this is the one you should seriously consider getting.

Available to purchase here: http://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-brushed-with-destiny-bamboo-brush-and-makeup-bag-set

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