GlamGlow ‘SuperMud Clearing Treatment’ Review

IMG_8962IMG_8963Let’s be real, there is an extreme hype around the Glam Glow masks and I have been meaning to try out the mask for such a long time but never wanted to spend the money- until now.

So my skin has been acting up lately because I’m in a new environment and eating new food. I’ve seriously been breaking out like crazy and it’s annoying me…

That told me that it was time to try something new and try a new mask that could help get rid of all my crazy acne problems.


When I first applied it, I realized that it’s quite chunky which I didn’t really mind until I had to wash it off…

After initial application., there was a slight tingly sensation because of the salacytic (I know I spelt it wrong…) acid that is meant to help acne. But the tingly sensation is quite nice because of the acid.


After 15 minutes of application 

It is a little hard to remove because of the chunks in the mask but if you have a face towel and hot water to spare, it’s very easy to remove after a little scrub a dub dub.

I would say that there is definitely an overnight improvement for my acne after using it for one night. It doesn’t COMPLETELY go away but it definitely dies down a lot quicker than if I just let it be.

It’s very amazing however I don’t know if it’s worth the money. It’s true that my skin is pretty horrendous when it comes to break outs, but I don’t know how I feel about spending $70 for a break out defeater that’s so small…

I think if you want to try it, you should. But if you want to make it part of your skincare routine permanently, I would advise to think about your financial situation before you make it permanent.

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∞ sofieyah ∞

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