Exploring: Smith College Mountain Day

Now recently, I’ve been questioning about whether or not I made a good choice into coming to Smith College. Just to clarify though, I wasn’t questioning it because there is anything wrong with the school (because the school is freakin’ awesome and amazing) but I have been questioning just because I am home sick and miss being at some place familiar. (But, at the same time, I will eventually have to leave home early so…)

But then today happened.

Let’s recap though.

Monday morning’s are usually the worst, no matter what (unless you are lucky enough to not have a M-F job) and I had to wake up earlier for my 9am class.

But then as usual, the 7am garbage truck woke me up (Always going to be pissed about that…) and a few seconds later I heard the bell. I thought I was hearing things before, but then I started getting text messages and Facebook Status updates and I knew this was it.


Now before I get into it, Mountain Day is a day in which the President of Smith College cancels classes before 7pm and Smithies can do whatever they want. Traditionally Smithies go apple picking but, it is not required. It’s up to the students to decide what they do. 1011252_581484725307873_4227890736123993791_n

Now I live in Lawrence house and we are pretty big on spending time together– Mountain Day was no exception.

So after sleeping in for another two hours, I went down and went apple picking! 10626567_581426591980353_1268676856866442665_n

It was my first time, and I will never forget it.

About 6 of us squeezed into one car and it was a party. Our driver (the awesomest person in the entire world) made the most amazing 90’s playlist that made me so nostalgic…

Once we got there it was lunch time! Which was weird since it was 11.30am…

But it was still fun. The apples at the farm was enormous and it felt quite satisfactory to be picking them. If you have never gone apple picking before, you should definitely try it! It’s a lot more satisfying than berry picking…

When we came back, it was another party in the car with wind hair. 10665091_581484785307867_6682708022767593529_n

Even though we spent about two hours at the farm, it felt like half an hour. What was so fun about the day was that it felt like I could be a kid again…I didn’t have to worry about homework or when my assignments are due. I could just play and take tons of pictures. But, what else was fun about the day was the fact that there were a ton of photos taken. It was literally 80% pictures but, I loved it. I loved it all. 10670155_581484531974559_3182187490071884182_n

When I got back, it was baking and watching movies. (But I ended up taking a nap because I was exhausted from the long day.)

This day couldn’t have been more perfect even if I could plain every second of it. 10675605_581518838637795_8598270334325244156_n

I loved it, and I owe every happiness to my housemates for making my day so amazing and for confirming that, indeed, I should be attending Smith College.


Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞


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