OMGBlings Review

I usually don’t do Fashion reviews but my thoughts on OMG Blings was so profound and deep that it’s hard to not want to review it. (You can find the things I purchased here: )

First off, I must admit that when I saw them at the show, they were seriously so bling. You really couldn’t help to exclaim, “OMG! Bling!” It was just that sparkly.

And it definitely could suck you in.

I worked perpendicular to OMG Blings and there were constantly people there purchasing items and soon, I got sucked in as well and began to browse.

I saw a lot of amazing jewelry but I’m really particular. For example, I hate statement necklaces. Don’t get me wrong, they are adorable but I hate heavy necklaces. It makes it hard for me to work normally because it’s constantly weighing me down. Although they look gorgeous when you are wearing basics like a basic t-shirt. But I still dislike them.

However, I love simple long necklaces because it can make you look really elegant if you wear a basic clothing item. For example I would wear one of the necklaces I bought from OMGBlings with my basic maxi dress that has no embellishments or anything.

So speaking of which, their jewelry is quite amazing and they don’t do as much statement necklaces although some of their things are really shiny…

However, here comes my problem.

The day I started wearing my cuffed long necklace however, an hour into wearing it, it broke off!! ( See the broken piece of jewelry here — scroll down to the bottom)

And that was the most expensive of all the jewelry I had purchased ($30)! I just didn’t understand. I thought that the chain was strong and sturdy so I didn’t understand why it had broken off! I honestly just thought that I had done something wrong with it so I just waved it off.

But then I wore my other necklace and it broke off too!

My impression of OMG Blings just went straight down the drain after that. I couldn’t believe that after wearing both necklaces for less than an hour, BOTH of them broke.

I just didn’t understand why something so expensive was being so unreliable.

I have yet to try out the earrings but I’m so scared that after wearing it out for an hour it would break off and I wouldn’t even notice. Then I’m seriously fu**ed.

I do enjoy OMG Blings jewelry, but their quality is just NOT worth the money. I highly suggest that when you purchase any of their jewelry that you really pay attention to the sturdiness. For example, perhaps you shouldn’t purchase any thing chained jewelry items. I’m not saying you can’t- I’m just saying to be cautious with what your purchase from their store.

I’m beyond disappointed for the amount of money I spent at their store. So disappointed.

P.S. They do have a website but only for wholesale ie. buying in bulk of dozens.

Don’t forget to SM:)LE today!


∞ sofieyah ∞

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