Hourglass ‘Mechanical Gel Liner 1.5mm’ Review

IMAG3594So I saw on Sephora’s website what’s new and I saw this Hourglass mechanical gel liner and knew I had to have it.

It has been a long time coming for me to find a really amazing waterliner. This eyeliner is marketed to be ultra thin so it can be pretty amazing for waterlining. It is also marketed to have amazing staying power.

So I bought one of them since for me, it’s pretty cheap for what it is. I had to try it.

When I first bought it it had two problems: I had some problems with the twisting of the gel eyeliner in that it made it difficult to twist the eyeliner up or down to the point where I had to push down the eyeliner. That really annoyed me endless.

The second problem I had to deal with is that I was travelling with it to the east coast, and in the middle of my trip I took it out and the cap came off! That also annoyed me endless and together…they just pissed me off.

When I did try it on, it was pretty amazing. I must agree that I first felt it weird because it was so thin and I was used to using pencils.

It went on really smooth and great.

I must say that when I put it on my lower waterline though, every time I redrew it it would smudge some it off but then it would get back on.

So that is another annoyance. However, I must say that it might be because of my watery waterline.

I do think that this eyeliner is quite amazing and is very dark and looks really gorgeous. It definitely stays on the full day but I did notice that it smudged a lot easier and transferred onto my under eyes easier.IMAG3584_1

Initial Application

IMAG3585_12.5+ Hours after initial application

(Note: At the end of the day it pretty much stayed like that despite my constant fixing)

So, despite all those problems with the eyeliner, it really comes down to the lasting power and in that sense, it’s an amazing gel eyeliner.

If you are thinking about purchasing it, think about whether you can live with all those problems (aka. checking the mirror every two or three hours) and just live with the amazing lasting power.

UPDATE {10-10-2014}: It is NOT a very waterproof formula and if you do not layer it on after initial application, it will disappear on the lower waterline after a couple of hours.

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